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Traveling on the R-net rail service

NS operates trains under the banner of R-net on the route Alphen aan den Rijn - Gouda, with new, comfortable trains and a permanent service crew. You can catch this train every half hour, and every 15 minutes between 06:30 and 19:00 starting on 4 September.

Traveling on the R-net rail service

All NS season tickets and regular tickets can be used on the R-net route. The rates charged by NS also apply. In addition, there is a special GouweTicket and the GouweTicket Fiets.

Just like with NS, you can also bring your bicycle on this route. During peak hours, you can purchase a GouweTicket Fiets for your bicycle, or you can bring your bicycle along for free during off-peak hours (workdays before 6:30, between 9:00 and 16:00 and after 18:30). Each train is equipped with 3 special bicycle racks. Pets are also subject to the same rules as for NS trains.

Checking in and out

With R-net, you also have to check in and out when traveling. But did you check in on the R-net route Alphen aan den Rijn - Gouda? Then you do not need to check in again when transferring to NS. The reverse is also true: when you have already checked in with NS, you do not have to do it again for the R-net train. When transferring to a bus, tram or metro, or to other train carriers, you still have to check in and out again.

The NS check in and check out poles and access gates will be suitable for both NS and R-net journeys. That is why these poles and gates feature both logos. Around the start of the new timetable, on 11 December 2016, NS will also adjust the travel information resources, poles, gates and ticket machines to the R-net style. ProRail will make adjustments to other furnishings.

Transferring for travel to Leiden or Utrecht

In Alphen aan den Rijn, you can transfer to the Intercity to Leiden Centraal on the other side of the same platform, with a transfer time of 2 minutes. For journeys towards Utrecht via Gouda, the transfer in Alpha and den Rijn will remain the same.

Traveling with a disability.

The new R-net trains are suitable for stepless entry and have an extendable step. Platforms that are not yet at the required level will be adjusted by ProRail. For as long as not all platforms are the correct height to guarantee stepless entry, passengers with a functional disability can use NS Travel assistance, even if there is no conductor on the train. In addition, all trains have a wheelchair friendly toilet.

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You can approach the service engineer on this route with any questions. There will also regularly be Service & Security personnel present at the stations and/or on the trains. At Gouda, there is a sales desk where you can ask questions. In addition, the R-net customer service for the rail service Alphen aan den Rijn - Gouda is available at all times on 030-7515157 (local rates apply).