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Travelling with a motor impairment during the coronavirus outbreak

On this page we explain how travelling has changed due to the coronavirus measures, so that you'll be properly prepared for your trip. NS Travel Assistance remains available when requested. However, some adjustments have been made to the process. Physical contact between you and the assistant will be avoided insofar as possible. Do you need help to ride in or out of the train? We'll be happy to assist you

  • The advice to avoid crowding still applies.
  • You should always adhere to the safety measures at the station. For example, a maximum of two people at a time can use a lift, and you have to keep to your right when moving around the station.
  • Despite the safety measures, you can use NS Travel Assistance in the usual way, including if you need help boarding and leaving the train with your manually operated wheelchair.
  • The meeting points are the same, and you choose the one you want when making the request.
  • It is compulsory for all passengers to wear a face mask in the train due to the limited space available. As of 1 December, it is also compulsory to wear a face mask in stations and on platforms. In addition, we urge you to wear a face mask while NS Travel Assistance is being provided.
  • If you feel unsafe while travelling, you can report this via WhatsApp or by sending an SMS to the number 06-13181318.
  • We are still there for you in these times too!
Travelling with a disability during the coronavirus outbreak