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Travelling with a visual impairment during the coronavirus outbreak

On this page we explain how travelling has changed due to the coronavirus measures, so that you'll be properly prepared for your trip. NS Travel Assistance remains available when requested. However, some adjustments have been made to the process. We will provide verbal assistance to guide you around the station and will refrain from physical contact with you.

  • The advice to avoid crowding still applies.
  • Stickers have been applied at all stations to indicate to travellers that they must keep to the right wherever possible while moving about the station, and keep at a sufficient distance from others in order to ensure safety. Around facilities such as ticket machines and information counters, yellow/black lines have been applied to the floor at a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, to enable people to keep at an adequate distance from others.
  • The guiding lines are still available in two directions, but please bear in mind that the general rule at the station is to keep right.
  • You can request a special vest from the Eye Association that makes it clear to other travellers that your vision is impaired.
  • The lifts are accessible as usual, but a maximum of two people can ride in them at the same time.
  • The stairs are in use; bear in mind that the general rule is to keep to the right.
  • Despite the safety measures, you can still make use of NS Travel Assistance. For your safety and that of the assistant, there will be no physical contact between you. Instead, you will be helped verbally when navigating through the station.
  • At five large stations, we also offer the “1 step further service”, in which an assistant will guide you to the next type of public transport that you need. These stations are Utrecht Centraal, Amsterdam Centraal, Den Haag Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Zwolle.
  • Wearing a face mask on the train is compulsory for all travellers due to the limited space on the train. As of 1 December, wearing a face mask is also compulsory in stations and on platforms. In addition, we urge you to wear a face mask at all times while NS Travel Assistance is being provided.
  • If you feel unsafe while travelling, you can report this via WhatsApp or by sending an SMS to the number 06-13181318.
  • We are still there for you in these times too!
Travelling with a visual impairment during the coronavirus outbreak