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Station Passagepas

If you need to access the station for reasons other than travel, you can request a Passagepas from NS to allow you to open the gates and pass from one side of the station to the other.

For which stations can I request a Passagepas?

Passagepasses are available for the following stations:

  • Gouda
  • Rotterdam-Zuid
  • Weesp
  • Deventer
  • Amsterdam Amstel
  • Leiden
  • Sittard
  • Dordrecht
  • Zwolle
  • Station Haarlem (for library subscribers)
  • Amersfoort
  • Alkmaar
  • Eindhoven

Passagepas is not a travel card

The Passagepas only provides access to the station; it cannot be used to travel with public transport.

Passagepas Terms and Conditions

Download the Terms and Conditions: