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Grensabonnement Annual

Unlimited travel on fixed route as far as the border

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  • Unlimited free travel on fixed route for a fixed amount per month
  • When choosing an alternative route, 40% off with all train operators during advantage hours
  • 40% off for up to 3 people travelling together in off-peak hours
  • Up to 3 free Kids Vrij season tickets for (small) children age 4-11

Useful information

  • Only available for routes starting or ending at border stations
  • Valid on InterCity Berlin and ICE International routes within the Netherlands
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  • Features
  • Also:

    When can I travel free or at 40% off off my fixed route?

    On your fixed route, you travel free to and from the border in The Netherlands.

    All season tickets are subject to terms and conditions.
    Download product terms and conditions (season tickets) (PDF, 51 kB)

  • Ordering
  • Ordering your Grensabonnement Annual

    You can order your Grensabonnement Annual season ticket online. You will need a personal OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card). If you have not got an OV-chipkaart, or your card is about to run out in the next 8 weeks, then you can order a new card free of charge with your season ticket. Your OV-chipkaart with your season ticket pre-loaded onto it will be sent to your home address within 1 week. Do you already have an OV-chipkaart? Then it is also possible to order your season ticket with NS Customer service. You can call us 24/7 on telephone number 030 - 7515155.

    Paying for your Grensabonnement Annual

    You buy your season ticket for a full year but pay for it in monthly instalments. You pay with iDEAL. We will e-mail you as soon as your payment is received, explaining how you can download your season ticket to your card at an NS card machine or other public transport smart card top-up point. See address finder for details of all pick-up points in your area. Paying via IDEAL is not required when ordering you season ticket via NS customer service, you may authorise us telephonically.

    Order your season ticket online (in Dutch)

  • OV-chipkaart
  • You always need an OV-chipkaart when travelling by train. With a Grensabonnement, you don't check in or out with NS or other train operators, so your card can't be debited by accident. To travel by train off your route, you can put a single or return, with or without discount, on your Grensabonnement at any ticket machine or buy a single or return e-ticket online. So you still enjoy a 40% discount off your route during the advantage hours. You cannot travel prepaid.

    Gates closed?

    You don't need to check in and out at stations with your Grensabonnement, but you can use your season ticket to open gates. There are some stations where you will need to do this. Your card won't be charged.

    Checking in and out

    You only check in and out with your Grensabonnement on trams, buses and the metro. You will need to put a prepaid balance on your OV-chipkaart to use these, though.

    Group travel discount

    You can take up to 3 people with you at a discount of 40% after 09.00 on weekdays and all day at weekends. You can arrange this at ticket machines on stations.
    Arrange group travel discount

    Changing class

    If you want to change the class you travel, on one occasion only or for every time you travel, you can easy to do this on a ticket machine.
    Changing class

  • Frequently asked questions
  • I do not have iDEAL. Is there any other way I can buy a season ticket?

    With a personal OV-chipkaart, you can also order a season ticket from NS Customer service on 030-7515155. NS Customer service is available 24/7. You need to order season tickets 10 days in advance.

    How do I order a Grensabonnement season ticket if I live abroad and/or have a foreign account number?

    You can order your Grensabonnement Annual by telephone. NS Customer service is available from abroad between 08.00-18.00 Mondays through Fridays on (00)31 30 – 751 5134 (€ 0,10 per min.)

    You can pay for your Grensabonnement Annual on a monthly or yearly basis as you wish, by iDEAL via to start with and then the 11 remaining monthly instalments by direct debit. If you travel at least 10 months of the year, it is wise to choose for a Grensabonnement Annual instead of a Grensabonnement Month. The discount you get by ordering a Grensabonnement Annual is incorporated in the price you pay monthly or annually.

    What border stations can I travel to or from with a Grensabonnement season ticket?

    Grensabonnement season tickets are available to or from:

    • Bentheim Border; 
    • Emmerich Border; 
    • Roosendaal Border; 
    • Venlo Border; 
    • Vise Border.

    Grensabonnement season tickets are only accepted by NS and other train operators. If you want to use a bus, tram or metro, you need to put money on your OV-chipkaart, then you can check in or out as usual. You can also buy a single-use smart card or an e-ticket to travel on.

    How do I buy an e-ticket with discount with a Grensabonnement season ticket?

    If you have a Grensabonnement season ticket on a personal OV-chipkaart, you can buy a single or return even if choosing an alternative route from any ticket machine or as an e-ticket online. Do you want to buy an e-ticket with discount? Do as followed:

    • Choose for Grensabonnement Single or Return
    • Select 'Add to Cart'
    • Fill out your personal details
    • Print your e-ticket off and take your season ticket card with you so you can show you have a Grensabonnement season ticket if an inspector asks

    If you are travelling on an e-ticket, and arrive at a station where the NS gates are closed, you can use your OV-chipkaart as a 'key' to open the gates. Your card will not be charged.

    How can I declare a single or return I've put on my Grensabonnement season ticket?

    When buying your ticket, request a transaction voucher or go to Mijn NS (in Dutch). lf you are registered with us and you have linked your card, you can find the details you are looking for in 'Mijn Reishistorie' (Travel history). You can print these out and give them to your employer. It is easy if you travel on an e-ticket: it shows all the details your employer needs.

    Reist u met een Grensabonnement bij Roosendaal?

    Tot voor kort verkocht NS tijdelijk op de stations van Roosendaal en Maastricht een beperkt assortiment van tickets van de Belgische Spoorwegen (NMBS): losse kaartjes tegen binnenlandse NMBS-tarief maar ook een maandabonnement Roosendaal grens-Antwerpen voor de forensen die via Roosendaal regelmatig naar het buitenland gaan.

    NMBS heeft inmiddels zelf kaartautomaten geplaatst op Roosendaal, Maastricht en Maastricht Randwyck en daarmee werd het overbodig om deze service aan de balie te blijven verlenen. Nu koopt u daarom uw grensabonnement via NMBS.

    Voor een eerste maal dient een NMBS abonnement aangevraagd te worden (Mobib card). Vervolgens kan het product opgehaald worden via internet of de kaartautomaat van NMBS. Betaling bij de NMBS-automaat is ook mogelijk met Nederlandse bankpassen.

    Grensabonnement Annual

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