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Available as mobile ticket

Day ticket dog

For when you take your pet with you on the train.

€ 3,10

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  1. Your pet travels with you in the train for € 3.10
  2. Now available as an e-ticket or mobile ticket as well
  3. The dog ticket does not have to be checked in

Useful information

  • Small pets may be taken free of charge in a bag or basket or on your lap.
  • A guide dog that is clearly recognisable as such travels free of charge.
  • The dog ticket is valid in domestic NS and Arriva trains.
  • Only valid in combination with a normal ticket.
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  • Features
  • What pets can travel free?

    Small pets may be taken free of charge in a bag or basket or on your lap. There are no specifications for the size of the animal and the dimensions of the bag, basket or cage. Small pets are generally cats or small dogs that can travel free of charge. They must not take up a seat.
    Guide dogs (including ones being trained) also travel free of charge, as long as they are recognisable as a guide dog for the blind or other assistance dog.

    What pets do you have to buy a dog ticket for?

    A dog ticket is mandatory for larger dogs. These dogs must also always be on a leash.

  • Ordering
  • How does it work?

    You can load the bicycle ticket onto an OV-chipkaart (public transport smartcard) or you can buy a single-use smartcard.

    Loading a bicycle ticket onto an OV-chipkaart

    You can simply load a bicycle ticket onto your OV-chipkaart at an NS ticket machine and pay for your train journey by checking in and out. If you have a season ticket on your OV-chipkaart, then € 10 is sufficient as the boarding fare. Without a season ticket, you need € 20.

    If you do not have an OV-chipkaart or if the card will run out in less than 8 weeks, you can order a personalised or anonymous OV-chipkaart for €7.50. You will receive the OV-chipkaart at your home address within 7 working days. An anonymous OV-chipkaart can also be purchased from an NS ticket machine or NS service desk.

    Loading a bicycle ticket onto an NS-Business Card

    You pay the cost of the ticket yourself directly at an NS ticket machine or NS service desk; the cost is not invoiced to your employer. Your bicycle ticket is in this case only valid with NS.

    Single-use smartcard

    A bicycle ticket can be bought as a single-use smartcard without a supplement at:

    • NS ticket machines
    • NS service desks
    • All other NS sales outlets
    • Most ticket machines at other carriers' stations
    The Bicycle Ticket is now also available as a mobile ticket.
  • E-ticket
  • Printing or downloading as a mobile ticket

    This e-ticket is available as a mobile ticket. After completing your order, you can choose to download your e-ticket and print it, or to load the e-ticket into the Journey Planner Xtra app. This app is available for smartphones with Android 4.0 or Apple iOS 8 or later.

    > All about travelling with mobile tickets

    The rules in brief

    • A mobile ticket is only valid if it has been loaded into the NS Journey Planner Xtra app.
    • You are responsible for being able to produce a valid transport ticket. You must therefore ensure that the smartphone is sufficiently charged and working properly.
    • The mobile ticket is non-transferable. Just like a printed e-ticket, a mobile ticket is therefore only valid when combined with a valid proof of identity.
    • The Terms and conditions for travelling with an e-ticket apply to journeys with a mobile ticket.

    Proof of identity

    An NS e-ticket is non-transferable. It is therefore only valid when combined with a valid proof of identity. So don't forget to take your passport or ID card with you on the journey.

    Travelling with an e-ticket

    The access gates are normally closed at more and more NS stations now. If you are travelling on an e-ticket, you can use the square barcode on the e-ticket to open the gates.

    How can you tell which gates have a barcode reader?

    Not all gates can be opened with an e-ticket. You have to use an access gate with a barcode reader. You can tell which they are by the ‘scan ticket’ symbol on the right-hand door of the gate, and by the illuminated surface to the right of the gate.

    Step by step: this is how to open an access gate with your e-ticket

    Step 1: Go to a gate with the ‘scan ticket’ symbol.
    Step 2: Hold the barcode up against the illuminated surface on your right.
    Step 3: The gate opens and you can then enter or exit the station.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Mag een hond mee in een bus die wordt ingezet tijdens werkzaamheden?

    Vanwege veiligheidsredenen is het meenemen van honden in touringcarbussen in principe niet toestaan. Een uitzondering wordt gemaakt voor geleidehonden.

    Do I have to pay more for a bicycle ticket if I am on a long train journey?

    No, there is a single fare for this ticket. It does not matter whether you are on a long train journey or a short one.

    Day ticket dog
    € 3,10
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