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Holland Travel Ticket

Unlimited travel for a day through all of the Netherlands by train, tram, bus and metro. Available as a regular day ticket and as an off-peak ticket.

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  1. Travel by train, bus, tram and metro throughout the Netherlands for a whole day
  2. Buy an off-peak Holland Travel Ticket for € 48 and travel with it on weekdays, except between 06:30 and 09:00. Valid all day at weekends and public holidays.
  3. Or choose a Holland Travel Ticket, which allows you to travel for € 70 by train, bus, tram and metro any day of the week, including peak hours. 

Useful information

  • Available at NS ticket machines, NS Tickets & Service Desks and online. 
  • Did you purchase the Holland Travel Ticket online? You will receive a voucher. With this voucher you have to collect your Holland Travel Ticket at one of the participating stations, of which you can find an overview on the FAQ page.
  • The Holland Travel Ticket is not valid for Eurostar and Nightjet.
  • Only valid on Intercity direct and ICE with an additional supplement. 
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    Where can I redeem my voucher?

    You can exchange your voucher for a Holland Travel Ticket at the NS Tickets & Service desks and at the ticket machines at the following train stations: Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuid, Den Haag Centraal, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Maastricht, Rotterdam Central, Schiphol Airport and Zaandam.

    Who is the Holland Travel Ticket for?

    The Holland Travel Ticket is aimed at foreign tourists, but may be used by anyone (including residents of the Netherlands).

    Is a Holland Travel Ticket also valid in Intercity direct, Eurostar and/or ICE?

    The same rules apply to a Holland Travel Ticket as to an ordinary NS day return. It is not valid on Eurostar and can only be used on the Intercity direct and ICE if you purchase a supplement.

    How do I use a Holland Travel Ticket to travel?

    Travelling with a Holland Travel Ticket is the same as travelling with an ordinary single-use smartcard. You check in and out with each separate carrier.

    Where can I go with the Holland Travel Ticket?

    Wherever public transportation reaches, you can go with the Holland Travel Ticket. From Groningen to Zeeland, from Noord Holland to Limburg, and everything in between. This allows you to take a day trip to a city, visit small villages, explore nature, or experience attractions. The Holland Travel Ticket takes you everywhere in the Netherlands.

    When is the Holland Travel Ticket valid?

    If you opt for the Holland Travel Ticket, you can travel all day by train, bus, tram, and metro on all days of the week, even during peak hours. With the Holland Travel Ticket Off-Peak, you can travel from Monday to Friday except between 6.30 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. On weekends and public holidays, you have unlimited travel throughout the day.

    Where is the Holland Travel Ticket valid?

    The Holland Travel Ticket and the Holland Travel Ticket Off-Peak are both valid nationwide and can be used with all carriers. Remember to check in and out with each carrier.

    Holland Travel Ticket
    € 48
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