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Papendal Return

Train + bus to Papendal

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The benefits

  1. Outward and return journeys arranged in one go
  2. Includes bus transport from Arnhem station to the Papendal Sports Centre and back
  3. Simple to order online

Useful information

  • Valid on the Breng bus
  • Valid from 0:00 until 04:00 the next day
  • From any station in the Netherlands
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    Can I also buy a single?

    Yes, you can buy single tickets or same-day returns.

    Is this ticket valid before 09:00 as well?

    Yes, this ticket is valid for the whole day, from 00:00 until 04:00 the next day.

    Can I only buy the Papendal Return as an e-ticket?

    This special return is only available as an e-ticket. Print the ticket out and take it onto the train with you. You must be able to provide proof of ID on the train, so don’t forget to bring that with you too! The conductor may ask to see it.

    Papendal Return