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Also available as mobile tickets

Day Return

Outbound and back on the same route.

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  1. Convenient if you travel by train occasionally
  2. Travel without an OV-chipkaart
  3. Also available as mobile tickets

Useful information

  • The train ticket is valid for 28 hours, from 0:00 until 04:00 the next morning.
  • You can stop elsewhere along the route too, as long as the whole journey is done on the same day.
  • Children aged 4 to 11 can travel with you for €2.50 on a Railrunner ticket.
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    Is it necessary to check in with my e-ticket?

    You do not have to check in with your e-ticket. If the gates are closed at your station, then you can use the ticket to open them.

    Do I have to print out the e-ticket?

    No, this is not necessary. The e-ticket may indeed be printed out for use, or you can load it into the NS app or download it on to your phone or tablet. In this case, do ensure that you can display your e-ticket on a properly working and sufficiently charged device.

    Is this ticket valid before 09:00 as well?

    Yes, this ticket is valid for the whole day, from 00:00 until 04:00 the next day.

    Can I interrupt my journey?

    Yes, your trainticket is valid on the entire route between your starting station and your selected destination. You may interrupt your journey and disembark at every station along the way, as long as you do not deviate from your planned route.

    If you would like to travel on the same route multiple times a day or travel on different routes on one day, the NS Dagkaart is the better option.

    Can I alter my e-ticket?

    No, after completing your purchase it is unfortunately no longer possible to alter your e-ticket. So do be careful to enter the correct personal and journey details. E-tickets are issued personally, and only valid in combination with a valid proof of identity.

    Day Return

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