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Keuzedagen Dal or Altijd Voordeel

Extra benefits for 60+ travellers

€ 24,50 for 7 Keuzedagen

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  • 7 Keuzedagen for € 24,50 (2nd class) or € 49,50 (1st class) with a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel
  • 7 times extra advantage days by train throughout The Netherlands
  • Valid any day of the week
  • You travel free before 06.30 and after 09.00 Mondays to Fridays, at weekends and on public holidays

Useful information

  • Valid on NS, Arriva, Breng, Connexxion, Syntus and Veolia trains
  • Supplement required to travel by Intercity direct between Schiphol and Rotterdam (and vice versa)
  • Valid on InterCity Berlin and ICE International journeys in The Netherlands but not on Thalys
  • Not valid on buses, trams, metro or abroad
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • You can request Keuzedagen if you are 60 or over on a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel season ticket
    • You must put digital Keuzedagen on your OV-chipkaart yourself at any NS ticket machine or OV-chipkaart collection point. Use the address finder to find all collection points in your area
    • You can have up to 7 Keuzedagen a year. One Keuzedag is valid all year, and there are 6 Keuzedagen of which you can use one every 2 months. Any Keuzedag you do not use will be lost, and you will not get any money back for any Keuzedagen you do not use. Keuzedagen are delivered at intervals to ensure they are used at intervals and avoid trains getting too full
    • Keuzedagen are personal, and are not available separately

    When can I travel on a Keuzedag on a discount?

    • Monday through Friday before 06.30 and after 09.30 (i.e. including in the evening peak)
    • All day at weekends, even before 09.00
    • On public holidays

    Cancelling Keuzedagen

    You can cancel your Keuzedagen all year by calling the NS Customer service on 030 751 5155.

    Travelling on international trains on Keuzedagen

    Keuzedagen are subject to terms and conditions.
    Download product terms and conditions Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel and Keuzedagen (PDF, 440 kB in Dutch)

  • Ordering
  • NS ticket machines

    You can put a Keuzedag on your OV-chipkaart free of charge at any NS ticket machine or other OV-chipkaart collection point. Use the address finder to find all the collection points in your area. Ticket machines have large, easy to read screens. You can see a telephone number at the top right-hand of the screen: you can call this number, 24 hours a day if you need help or assistance remotely when loading your Keuzedagen.

    Putting a Keuzedag on your OV-chipkaart:

    1. Take your OV-chipkaart to the ticket machine
    2. Hold your OV-chipkaart in front of the card reader below the ticket machine screen
    3. Select ‘Collect Keuzedag’ (4th button in left-hand column)
    4. Click on 'OK'
    5. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the ticket machine card reader again

    Your Keuzedag is now on your OV-chipkaart. You can start travelling as soon as you check in on your Keuzedag.

    Loading Keuzedagen with other operators

    You can download your Keuzedagen at nearly all other operators' stations if they have an NS ticket machine. We regret there are 15 stations (in Dutch) where this is not possible.

  • OV-chipkaart
  • When travelling by train, you must always have an OV-chipkaart on you. Load the fare (in Dutch) you can travel with on it. Or you can travel using your season ticket you put on the card. Hold your card against the free-standing post or gate to check in for your train journey. When you arrive at your destination and leave the train, do this again to check out. You must check in and out with each train operator: so if you change to another operator other than NS, you must check out at the NS card reader first and then check in again at the other operator's card reader.

    Travelling before 09.00

    If your journey starts before 09.00, you will need to check in for the first part using your OV-chipkaart on Travel Prepaid. You will then travel this section on full fare. You can use your Keuzedag from 09.00 onwards, so you will need to check out and then in again before 09.00. You can only do this by getting off the train, you can not do it on the train. If you stay on the train, you will continue to travel on prepaid.

    Travelling abroad

    Keuzedagen are not valid abroad. If you are travelling internationally, your Keuzedag is valid as far as or from the border. On the day you are travelling, check in on your Keuzedag for the part of your journey in this country. You cannot and need not check in or out abroad. If you return to The Netherlands the same day, your Keuzedag is still valid.

    Changing class

    There are some things you can change on your OV-chipkaart every time you take the train. Would you like to travel on a Keuzedag 1st class once, for instance? You can arrange this easily using an NS ticket machine, costing € 6 on a one-time basis. You cannot change class on your Keuzedagen permanently.
    Changing class

  • Frequently asked questions
  • I have lost my OV-chipkaart my Keuzedagen were on. How can I get a new one?

    If you lose your OV-chipkaart, block it as soon as you can and request a new card immediately from NS Customer service OV-chipkaart on 0900-0980 (€ 0,50 per call). NS Customer service is available between 07.00 - 21.30 Mondays through Fridays and between 10.00 - 16.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Your OV-chipkaart will be protected against being misused from the day after that.

    We will issue you with a replacement card. NS Customer service will need up to 10 working days to deliver your replacement OV-chipkaart.

    I used my Keuzedag accidentally for a journey I did not mean to. Can I get it back?

    If you checked in on a Keuzedag you did not want to use, you can only get it back if you check out again at the same station and with the same carrier you checked in with within 60 minutes. If you collected your Keuzedag, the next journey you make will count as a Keuzedag.

    I do not see any or enough Keuzedagen on the NS ticket machine. How did that happen?

    1. You have already used all your Keuzedagen for this year. You can have up to 7 Keuzedagen: one of which is valid all year and 6 of which you can use one every 2 months. If you order Keuzedagen halfway through your contract year, you will get the number of Keuzedagen you are entitled to for the rest of the year. A contract year is not necessarily a calendar year.
    2. The Keuzedagen you did not use are no longer valid. Of the 7 Keuzedagen, only one is valid all year; the other 6, you can use one every 2 months. If you go past this, that Keuzedag is no longer valid.
    3. The Keuzedag is not available to you yet. Keuzedagen can be ordered one day before they are valid on any NS ticket machine.
    4. There is a technical problem. In that case, you can call NS Customer service on 030 - 7515155. NS Customer services is 24/7 available for your questions.
    5. Do you have less Keuzedagen available than you expected? That then depends on when you ordered de Keuzedagen and for how long you already have your contract. If you order your Keuzedagen halfway through your contract year, then you will not get 6, but 3 Keuzedagen + 1 Keuzedag which is valid all year.

    How do I know if a new Keuzedag is ready for me?

    We will send you a letter with a table showing your Keuzedagen. Here you can see how many Keuzedagen you are getting this year and when they will be available. You do not receive a letter with Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel, though. You need to visit Mijn NS (in Dutch) to see the status of your Keuzedagen. Do you not have an account? You can set one up in Mijn NS (in Dutch).

    Are there any differences between Keuzedagen with a Voordeeluren season ticket and those with a Dal Voordeel/Altijd Voordeel one?

    There are indeed differences. We will explain them here:

    July and August:

    • With VDU (Voordeeluren) season tickets, you can use Keuzedagen on any day of the week in July and August and in the week between Christmas and New Year, including before 09.00
    • With our new Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel season ticket, the normal weekly times apply during these periods and there is no difference in validity

    Public holidays:
    You can travel all day on your Keuzedag on the public holidays below:

    • 1 January (New Year's Day)
    • 3 April (Good Friday)
    • 6 April (Easter Monday)
    • 14 May (Ascension Day)
    • 25 May (Whit Monday)
    • Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25 and 26 December)

    * With VDU, the day after Ascension Day also counts as a public holiday, as opposed to Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel, with which it does not.

    Morning peak:

    • With a Voordeeluren season ticket, the morning peak runs until 09.00. You can check in with your Keuzedag after 09.00 Mondays through Fridays
    • With Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel, the morning peak is between 06.30 - 09.00. You can check in with your Keuzedag before 06.30 and after 09.00 Mondays through Fridays


    • With Keuzedagen with a Voordeeluren season ticket, you qualify for a free copy of RailPlus
    • With Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel, you can buy a RailPlus season ticket from NS HiSpeed for just € 15


    • VDU: you can only cancel Keuzedagen at the time you renew your season ticket. If you are cancelling your Voordeeluren season ticket too, you can also cancel your Keuzedagen at the same time
    • With Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel, you can cancel your Keuzedagen any time during the year and get your money back for the Keuzedagen you have not yet used

    Wat gebeurt er als ik in de spits overstap op een andere vervoerder?

    Houd u er rekening mee dat uw Keuzedag niet geldig is als u in de ochtendspits incheckt. Helaas geldt dit ook wanneer u tijdens de ochtendspits overstapt op een andere vervoerder. In dat geval zal de reis, tot het moment dat u weer uitcheckt, op uw saldo worden ingehouden.

    Keuzedagen Dal or Altijd Voordeel
    € 24,50
    for 7 Keuzedagen
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