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Traject Vrij Monthly

Unlimited travel on a specific route at a set price per month

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  • Unlimited travel on a fixed route for a fixed monthly sum 
  • 40% off for up to 3 people travelling together in off-peak hours
  • Travel on a different route at a discount of 40% during off-peak hours

Useful information

  • Valid on journeys with all train operators 
  • Valid on InterCity Berlin and ICE International journeys within the Netherlands 
  • Journeys on different routes are billed in arrears
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    When do I benefit most from my Traject Vrij ticket?

    • You travel for free on your fixed route
    • You can travel with a 40% discount Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 16.00 and from 18.30 - 06.30, during the weekend from 18.30 on Friday evening to Monday morning at 06.30 and on public holidays

    All season tickets are subject to terms and conditions.
    Download the product terms and conditions for season tickets (PDF, 51 kB)

  • Ordering
  • Ordering your Traject Vrij Monthly season ticket

    You can order your Traject Vrij Monthly season ticket online. You will need a personal OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card). If you have not got an OV-chipkaart, or your card is about to run out in the next 8 weeks, then you can order a new card free of charge with your season ticket. Your OV-chipkaart with your season ticket pre-loaded onto it will be sent to your home address within 1 week.

    Do you already have an OV-chipkaart? Then it is also possible to order your season ticket with NS Customer service. You can call us 24/7 on telephone number 030 - 7515155.

    Paying for your Traject Vrij Monthly season ticket

    You pay with iDEAL. We will e-mail you as soon as your payment is received, explaining how you can download your season ticket to your card at an NS card machine or other public transport smart card top-up point. See address finder for details of all pick-up points in your area. Paying via IDEAL is not required when ordering you season ticket via NS customer service, you may authorise us telephonically.

    Order your season ticket online (in Dutch)

  • OV-chipkaart
  • No initial fee

    With a Traject Vrij season ticket you travel on account. You do not need to pay an initial fee with this season ticket. If you forget to check out, you have up to 6 hours after checking in to check out at a free-standing post or gate. Too late or unable to check out at the station? Then you must pay a corrective fare of € 10. You can claim this money back with a maximum of 3 times a year via 'Mijn Reishistorie' (My travel history) in Mijn NS (in Dutch). This only applies to journeys with NS. If you forget to check out with another train operator, you must contact them.

    If you are using your OV-chipkaart for travel on the tram, bus or metro, then you need to have credit on your card. The prepaid tariff for trams, buses and metros is € 4.

    Checking in and out

    Hold your card up against the free-standing post or ticket barrier. You are checked in for your train journey. Do the same to check out when you leave the train and station on arrival. You must check in and out for each train operator. This also applies if you are changing to the bus, tram or metro. You must first check out at an NS card reader before you check in with the other operator. If you are travelling to a destination abroad, you do not need to check in and out in the Netherlands.

    Why do I need to check in?

    All NS passengers must check in and out using their OV-chipkaart. This also applies to passengers with pre-loaded season tickets, such as Traject Vrij Monthly. Checking in and out determines whether you are travelling on your fixed route or on a different route. Travel on your fixed route incurs no extra costs. Travel on a different route is billed at a later date via a monthly invoice or direct debit.

    Combined travel discount

    A maximum of 3 people may travel with you at a discount of 40%, after 09.00 on weekdays and all day at weekends. You can arrange this at an NS ticket machine at the station.

    Setting up combined travel discount

    Changing class

    You can change class for one day with your 2nd class Traject Vrij Monthly. To do this, purchase a 2-1 supplement at an NS ticket machine or NS service desk and load this onto your OV-chipkaart. You pay a fixed sum at the time of purchase. It is not possible to change class with a 1st class season ticket.

    2-1 supplement

    For € 25 you can travel in 1st class for a day. For € 15 you can travel in 1st class Monday to Friday during off-peak hours (before 06.30, 9.00 - 16.00 and after 18.30) and all day at weekends. It costs € 10 to travel in 1st class for a day at the weekend.

    How to change class (in Dutch)

  • Frequently asked questions
  • I do not have iDEAL. Is there any other way I can buy a season ticket?

    With a personal OV-chipkaart, you can also order a season ticket from NS Customer service on 030-7515155. NS Customer service is available 24/7. You need to order season tickets 10 days in advance.

    Is it possible to load a Traject Vrij Monthly season ticket onto my OV-chipkaart along with my other NS season tickets?

    With your Traject Vrij Monthly season ticket you can travel with a discount of 40% on a different route during off-peak hours. It is not possible to combine Traject Vrij (travel on account) with another NS season ticket (prepaid travel) such as Altijd Vrij, Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Altijd Voordeel and Kids Vrij.

    How do I travel with Traject Vrij Jaar if I am travelling to or from a station abroad and part of my journey is also in the Netherlands?

    You can buy an international ticket via NS International. Here you can specify whether you are entitled to a discount up to the border by ticking '40% korting in Nederland' (40% discount in the Netherlands). You will then receive the 40% discount for the part of the journey in the Netherlands. If your Traject Vrij season ticket covers a part of the journey within the Netherlands, you can purchase your international ticket from the first station where your Traject Vrij season ticket becomes invalid.

    With Traject Vrij you must always check in and out, except when you are travelling abroad and when you have purchased an international ticket for the entire journey i.e. from the departure station. Outside the Netherlands there are no free-standing posts or gates for checking in and out. Carry your Traject Vrij season ticket with you so that you can present your OV-chipkaart with a valid Traject Vrij season ticket and a valid international ticket upon inspection. If you encounter gates at the station, these can be opened using the square barcode on your international ticket. This is possible at gates with 'scan ticket' on the right-hand door. Hold the square barcode up against the illuminated area to the right of you and the gate will open.

    Why am I incurring costs for journeys that, in my opinion, are part of my fixed route?

    When travelling with Traject Vrij, there are sometimes several possible routes for your journey. The price of your season ticket is calculated based on the cheapest route. For the part of your journey with NS, travel is permitted on all routes that the NS journey planner specifies, provided that you do not travel on a more expensive route between your departure and arrival station.

    If you travel on a route indicated on the NS journey planner that is not the cheapest route and you check in and out, this journey will be billed.

    Example: You have purchased a season ticket for the Utrecht Central - Leiden Central route. Your shortest route is via Alphen aan den Rijn. On this route you can check in and out at all stations between Utrecht Central and Leiden Central without incurring extra costs. If you travel on a route specified by the NS journey planner but this is not the shortest route, for example via Gouda, and you check in and out here or at another station on this route, you will be billed for this journey.

    See costs calculations examples (in Dutch)

    I have a personal OV-chipkaart for RET/GVB etc. Can I load an NS season ticket onto this card?

    If you already have a personal OV-chipkaart for another transport company, you can load an NS season ticket onto it.

    Please note: a maximum of 12 products can be loaded onto one card and your OV-chipkaart must be valid for a period of more than one year when ordering an annual season ticket.

    Traject Vrij Monthly