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OV Vrij Annual

Unlimited travel by train bus and metro

From€ 387,90 per month.

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  • Hassle-free all over the Netherlands by any means of public transport whenever you want
  • 40% discount for a maximum of three fellow passengers during off-peak periods
  • You can get a Bijabonnement with a discount for family members

Useful information

  • OV Vrij is 1 season ticket that consists of 2 products: Altijd Vrij and Bus, Tram en Metro Vrij 
  • Valid on the domestic routes of InterCity Brussels and InterCity Berlin, and without supplements on ICE International, but not on Thalys
  • Valid on all public transport
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • Spoor magazine free 4 times a year with great offers
    • Discount for Greenwheels and Q Park P+R areas (in Dutch)
    • Available with an Intercity Direct Altijd Toeslagvrij season ticket
    • A 1st class season ticket gives you free access to NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol
    • OV Vrij is an annual season ticket that can be cancelled per whole month after the first year

    All season tickets are subject to terms and conditions.
    Download product terms and conditions for season tickets (PDF, 51 kB)
    Download product terms and conditions for Bus Tram Metro Vrij (PDF, 121 kB in Dutch) 

  • Ordering
  • Ordering an OV Vrij season ticket

    You can order an OV Vrij season ticket online. You need a personalised OV-chipkaart for this. If you do not have a personalised OV-chipkaart or if your card runs out in less than 8 weeks, you should order a new card at the same time as the season ticket. This card is free of charge. You will receive the OV-chipkaart at your home address within a week, with the season ticket already on it. 

    Please note: The OV Vrij season ticket will not be mentioned during the ordering process. The season tickets Altijd Vrij and Bus Tram Metro Vrij will be mentioned. Both of these are ticked when you order an OV Vrij season ticket.

    Paying for an OV Vrij season ticket

    You pay for your order using iDEAL, and you will receive an e-mail once payment has been made. This tells you how you can load the season ticket onto your OV-chipkaart at an NS ticket machine or other OV-chipkaart loading point. The address finder will tell you where all the loading points near you are located.


    Bijabonnementen are available for family members aged 12 years or older who live at the same address. They can use them for unlimited train travel after 9 a.m. on weekdays and all day at weekends and on public holidays. You can apply for Bijabonnementen directly when ordering your OV Vrij season ticket, or via Mijn NS.

  • OV-chipkaart
  • Your season ticket is loaded onto your OV-chipkaart. OV Vrij covers the cost of all public transport in the Netherlands, which means that that for train travel you do not have to add to the balance on your OV-chipkaart. The same applies to travelling by bus, tram of metro when using your OV Vrij.

    Checking in and out

    Use your OV Vrij season ticket to check in and out at the train, tram, bus or metro.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • What does an OV Vrij season ticket cost?

    A 2nd class OV Vrij season ticket costs € 379,05 a month. You pay € 599,05 a month for a 1st class OV Vrij season ticket.

    Do I need a new OV-chipkaart for an OV Vrij?

    Yes. If you order your OV Vrij online, you can also order a new OV-chipkaart free of charge. The season ticket will already have been loaded onto your new OV-chipkaart when you receive it.

    Does this mean I will have to check in and out?

    Checking in and out is indeed recommended when you have an OV Vrij. You will have to have checked in and checked out properly if you want to make a claim under the ‘Geld Terug bij Vertraging’ scheme.

    What happens if I forget to check in?

    You still have a valid ticket for the NS even if you forget to check in with your OV Vrij season ticket. After all, you have bought an authority to travel. You are not entitled to claim under the ‘Geld Terug bij Vertraging’ scheme if you have not checked in and checked out properly.

    Can I load an OV Vrij season ticket onto an anonymous OV-chipkaart?

    You can only load a monthly or annual NS season ticket onto a personalised OV-chipkaart, because a season ticket is also personalised. In addition, a personalised OV-chipkaart has the benefit that it can be blocked if it is lost or stolen.

    OV Vrij Annual
    € 387,90
    per month.
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