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Dal season ticket

A 40% off-peak discount for journeys using your NS-Business Card

€ 50 per year

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  • 40% off-peak discount
  • 40% off for up to 3 people travelling together in off-peak hours

Useful information

  • If you check in 5 minutes before or during off-peak times but check out during peak hours, you will still get the 40% discount
  • Can be cancelled any time 2 months or more after the starting date
  • Valid on the domestic parts of InterCity Berlin and ICE International routes
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • Combined with the NS-Business Card
    • Available with an Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij season ticket for the Schiphol-Rotterdam route (both directions).
    • Unlimited travel by Intercity direct (on the Schiphol-Rotterdam route, this is only in combination with an Intercity direct supplement)

    Read more about the NS-Business Card

    When can you travel at a discount?

    • 40% off during off-peak hours (Monday through Friday between 09.00 - 16.00 and 18.30 - 06.30)
    • A discount of 40% all day at weekends (between 18:30 on Friday and 04:00 on Monday)
    • All day on public holidays de hele dag

    Invoicing of all travel costs is based on what services were used during the month. Eligibility for the discount is determined by the moment at which your staff member checks in, with a five-minute margin, e.g. checking in at 08:57 is still eligible for a 40% discount on off-peak train journeys with NS.

    All season tickets are subject to terms and conditions.
    Download the terms and conditions for the NS Business Card (PDF, 68 kB in Dutch)

    Who is a Dal season ticket for?

    The NS Business Card with an Dal season ticket is interesting for companies with staff who:

    • travel off-peak at least once a month with NS;
    • go to a variety of destinations, with an occasional or flexible pattern of travel.

    If your employees travel by train with NS 3 or more times a week, a Traject Vrij season ticket (Route Freedom) or a Trein Vrij season ticket (Train Freedom) may be an interesting option. If your employees travel a lot by various forms of public transport, have a look at the OV Vrij season ticket (Public Transport Freedom)

  • Ordering
  • You can order an NS-Business Card if you have a KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) number. If your company is not yet an NS Business customer, order your NS-Business Cards online.
    Order your NS Business Card online

    If your company is already an NS Business customer, you can order your NS Business Cards through My NS Business (in Dutch).

  • NS-Business Card
  • Your season ticket is added to your NS-Business Card. The costs of all your journeys are calculated after the event and presented on a single, clear invoice.

    Checking in and out

    You check in and out using the NS-Business Card. To check in for the train journey, you hold the card up to a post or gate. When you arrive at your destination and leave the station, you do exactly the same to check out. You check in and out for each carrier company. That also means checking out when you change to a bus, tram or metro. After you have checked out at an NS card reader, you can check in again with another carrier. If you are travelling to a foreign destination, there is no need to check in and out in the Netherlands.

    Combined travel discount

    You can take up to 3 people with you at a discount of 40% during off-peak hours. You can set this up at the ticket machine at the station.
    Setting up combined travel discount

    Changing class

    A one-off or permanent change of class can be arranged easily at the ticket machine at the station.
    Changing the class

  • Frequently asked questions
  • How does the NS-Business Card work?

    The NS-Business Card lets you and your employees travel with individualised cards or a single departmental card by checking in and out with the train, bus, tram and metro. You can choose to have a departmental card or an individualised NS-Business Card.

    In addition, the NS-Business Card lets you use extra door-to-door services, such as parking at the station, booking a taxi beforehand or renting a bike. The costs are invoiced to the employer afterwards on a single invoice.

    Read more about NS-Business Card.

    What is travelling on account?

    ‘Travelling on account’ is the payment method used for the NS-Business Card. The services used are paid for after the event and there is therefore no need to have a credit balance on the card beforehand.

    Which train, bus, tram and metro carriers can you use the NS-Business Card to travel with?

    The NS-Business Card lets you and your employees travel with all the carrier companies in the Netherlands by checking in and out with the train, bus, tram and metro.

    It is important that you check in and out separately with each carrier. After a journey with NS, it is important to check out first and then check in again with the other carrier.

    What additional season tickets are there for the NS-Business Card?

    You can add a season ticket that fits your company’s travel requirements to the NS-Business Card. You retain the benefits of the NS-Business Card as well as getting the advantages of a season ticket. You can choose between Dal (Off-Peak Freedom), Traject Vrij (Route Freedom), Trein Vrij (Train Freedom) and OV Vrij (Public Transport Freedom) season tickets.

    See all the business season tickets 

    Dal season ticket
    € 50
    per year
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