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Eindhoven Airport Return

Short journey time to the station

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  • Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven in less than 20 minutes
  • No parking charges

Useful information

  • Check in and out with an OV-chipkaart
  • Also available as e-ticket and single-use smart card
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    Can I be sure I will be on time for my flight if I take the bus?

    Buses run all day. You will never have to wait long.

    Is there nowhere to park at Eindhoven Airport?

    Yes, there is: but if you take the bus to the airport, you will not have any parking charges to pay, you will not need to look for a parking space and you can start your holiday without any stress.

    What bus do I need to take to Eindhoven train station?

    From Eindhoven Airport, take the Airport shuttle route 400 or normal bus route 401.

    Eindhoven Airport Return

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