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Nu eerste 3 maanden gratis
Description of image


Gratis gids genaamd Gollum

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor


The sticker component is used to hightlight some additional information like a promotion. The sticker floats in the top right conner its container. It's usually used on tile elements or in detail pages of the top block.
Based on that you should use the correct container classes. When the sticker is part of a detail page use the classes .container__sticker.promosticker for the containers. When the sticker is part of an tile use .tile__sticker .tile__sticker--compact .promosticker.
On the tiles the stickers are a slight smaller that is why we use the .tile__sticker--compact class.

Both HTML examples are shown, use the correct one according the situation.


<div class="grid">
    <div class="grid__unit s-6-12">
        <div class="container__sticker promosticker">
            <span class="promosticker__text headingS">Nu eerste 3 maanden gratis</span>
    <div class="grid__unit s-4-4 m-6-12 l-4-12">
        <div class="tile tile--clickable">
            <div class="tile__header tile__header--image">
                <div class="tile__expander">
                        <source srcset="<%= path.styleguideStatic %>/images/eropuit/mordor_372x160.jpg" media="(min-width: 0px)">
                        <img src="" alt="Description of image" class="img--contain">
            <div class="tile__headerHolder">
                <div class="tile__title">
                    <h3 class="tile__heading headingM">Mordor</h3>
            <div class="tile__sticker tile__sticker--compact promosticker">
                <span class="promosticker__text">Gratis gids genaamd Gollum</span>
            <div class="tile__content">
                <div class="tile__shortenedText tile__shortenedText--aanbieding">
                    <p>One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor</p>
            <div class="tile__footer">
                    <a href="eropuit_aanbieding-detail.shtml" class="arrowLink" title="Bekijk dit uitje">Bekijk dit uitje</a>