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De Nederlandse Spoorwegen - the NS Groep N.V. - believes that it is of paramount importance that its customers' and partners' personal details are processed and protected as carefully as possible. In addition, NS wants to be open about the way in which your personal information is handled. That is why we have written the following explanation. Most importantly, whatever the case NS will adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, the Telecommunications Act and EU Rail passenger Rights Regulation 1371/2007.

Processing objectives

NS processes personal information for the following company objectives

  • customer service - for example, in order to create the correct tickets or send the correct email about engineering work on your journey's route.
  • continuity of service and growth - for example, hiring temporary personnel or in order to offer you promotions.
  • company efficiency - for example, by analysing logistical information about train capacity and the flow of passengers, for which individuals remain anonymous.
  • good employment practice - such as the work schedules for drivers and engineers.
  • fraud prevention - for example, for investigation of improper use of the scheme Refunds for delays.
  • safety and security - for example, investigation of violent behaviour.

Information is not automatically used for all objectives simultaneously. NS handles everyone's privacy carefully. In order to do so, NS constantly monitors the proper adherence to privacy legislation. In addition to legal standards, NS also abides by codes of conduct.

Questions, complaints or disputes

Passengers who have questions regarding the protection of personal information can call NS Customer Service (030-7515155). NS has a privacy officer who monitors proper adherence to the NS privacy regulations. In cases where the Code of Conduct OV-chipkaart or a DDMA code of conduct is applicable you can, depending on the code of conduct you invoke, appeal to the Geschillencommissie Openbaar Vervoer or the DDMA Privacy Authority.

Ultimate responsibility

Ultimate responsibility for the processing of personal information within NS ('Responsibility' with regards to the Data Protection Act), lies with the NS Groep NV (NSG), the holding company for all NS business entities including NS Reizigers and NS International.

Contact details 

NS Groep NV
Laan van Puntenburg 100
2812 3500 GV Utrecht ­

  • Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30124358.
  • Registered in the Notification Register (Data Protection Authority) under number 1109353.

Provision of data to third parties

Our partners regularly ask us for permission to offer you - as an NS customer - exciting promotions. For example, discounts to travel, theatre tickets or books. Under no circumstances do we give your personal information to third parties. Neither do we sell it. But because we do not wish to prevent our customers from getting the best discounts, we let you know about them ourselves. That means that your details are safe with us, but you can still stay informed about interesting promotions.

NS is legally obliged to cooperate when law enforcement agencies, such as the police or the FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Economic Investigation Service), request information. In such cases NS always carefully monitors the jurisdiction of the relevant law enforcement agency and makes sure that procedural privacy safeguards are properly observed.

Otherwise, NS only shares information with third parties to the extent necessary to ensure that your OV-chipkaart functions properly nationwide. A limited amount of functional data may be shared with Trans Link Systems (TLS) and other public transport companies. You can find more about this at

Third parties may not have access to the personal information of our customers in any way whatsoever.

Your personal information and privacy preferences

You can view your personal information and change it if necessary. This applies for both NS business customers and consumers. Here's how.


  • You can change your personal information and privacy settings using your personal webpage 'Mijn NS'. If you do not yet have a personal internet page you can apply for one here.
  • in case of changes to the use of travel information by NS, you will need to fill in several details on the contact preferences page so that NS no longer uses the travel information. 
  • You can send a letter with a copy of your proof of identity to NS Customer Service. NS Klantenservice,  Postbusnummer 2372, 3500 GJ Utrecht

If you are an NS International customer then you cannot use the 'Mijn NS' service. We recommend that you submit a written request to NS Customer Service.

Business customers

  • You can change your personal information and privacy settings using your personal webpage 'Mijn NS Zakelijk'. If you do not yet have a personal internet page you can apply for one here.
  • in case of changes to the use of travel information by NS, you will need to fill in several details on the contact preferences page so that NS no longer uses the travel information.
  • You can email a scan of your proof of identity to 
  • You can send a letter with a copy of your proof of identity to NS Business Customer Service, Postbus 2572, 3500 GN  Utrecht.

PLEASE NOTE: Your username and password are always strictly private. Do not provide them to third parties (in any form whatsoever). This can endanger your privacy.

Commercial email policy

NS strictly complies with legislation regarding email advertising. Article 11.7 of the Telecommunications Act stipulates that NS may not send you any advertising without your permission if you have never provided your email address for our online services. If you have provided us with your email address, then we do not need to seek permission but we are obliged to offer a simple way to unsubscribe. NS does this in all cases. You can find an unsubscribe button at the end of every email.

If you do not wish to receive information and promotions, you can unsubscribe.*

  • By logging in to Mijn NS or Mijn NS Zakelijk for email, post and telephone (see below for NS International customers)
  • You can also use NS Customer Service any time on 030 751 51 55 for post and telephone
  • For post and telephone for NS Zakelijk, you can call NS Business Customer Service any time on 030-30 11 11 (from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 - 18.00)
  • For email you can unsubscribe at any time using the application forms. Please note; your most recently indicated preferences are used by NS. In every email you are offered the opportunity to unsubscribe at the end of the newsletter.
  • If you do not wish to receive information and promotions that are based on your OV-chipkaart usage, then click here to unsubscribe.

*NS tries to process your unsubscription as quickly as possible. However, this can take some time and it is possible that in the intervening period you will be sent some advertising from NS by accident.

Functional email policy

There are also messages from NS that are not necessarily subject to any legal requirements regarding unsubscribing. These kinds of messages are not direct marketing because they are not advertisements (not 'spam'). For example, messages about the purchase, management, change or termination of your NS products. Also consider messages that are intended to advise or guide customers, or messages in which NS provides you with travel information. If the situation allows it, NS can just as well offer you the option of unsubscribing from messages that are intended to advise or guide you, or messages in which NS provides you with travel information. For example, the unsubscribe option for SMS travel information.


Travel information and newsletter via email from NS International

If you are an NS International customer, then you can choose to receive information about your booking or journey via email. In addition, NS International sends you electronic newsletters if you have subscribed. Every newsletter includes an unsubscribe link.

You can submit questions or complaints regarding e-newsletters in writing to NS International BV, Postbus 2552, 3500 GN Utrecht, Nederland.

The OV-chipkaart

The chip in the OV-chipkaart does not contain any personal information such as your name or home address. In principle, when travelling using an OV-chipkaart you are travelling anonymously. NS only keeps track of the passenger preferences, preferred routes or stations for example, of passengers using personally identifiable tickets such as the Voordeelurenabonnement or an annual season ticket. These preferences are not tracked in detail. For example, NS does not know the exact time at which you travelled. NS may make incidental use of its customers' journey details, in the context of informing or offering guidance regarding the use of the OV-chipkaart for example.

Automatic refunds for disruptions

NS is constantly working to improve its services. Nevertheless, unexpected disruptions may occur, preventing you from travelling further for example. In case of disruption, NS aims to give you a refund automatically if you have paid too much as a result of the disruption. There is then no need for you to contact our Customer Service yourself, and we correct the excess paid balance or reimburse it on the next invoice. You can collect your credit for travelling with balance at an NS Ticket Machine or a collection point. In order to make this possible NS will - exclusively for this specific purpose - process your travel information in detail. After reimbursement has been carried out, the relevant travel information is destroyed. 
If you do not wish detailed travel information to be processed for this purpose, you can inform NS Customer Service, telephone 030-7515155. 
See if automatic reimbursement applies to you on

Bicycle rental and storing your own bicycle

You need a season ticket to use the OV-fiets. You can arrange this online. In addition, you can choose an extra option when arranging your season ticket: 'Storage on Account'. You can use this option to store your bicycle in one of NS's bicycle storage areas.
You can link the season ticket to any personalised OV-chipkaart. And if you rent a bicycle from NS or use 'Storage on Account', then NS will process your transaction details in aggregated form for marketing purposes.
Which details are these? The most used location for rental or storage, rental in the morning or evening rush hour, or the net proceeds per month, for example.
If you would rather that NS did not process your details for these purposes, then you can prevent this by clicking here.

Website and cookies

NS uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites*) . Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device (computer, telephone, tablet) when you visit a website. 

Functional cookies

Cookies called 'functional session cookies' are used to provide services or to store your preferred settings for purposes such as: 

  1. remembering the products that you purchase when shopping online; 
  2. remembering and communicating information that you fill in during the login process or that you enter when ordering products from the various web pages, so that you don't have to re-enter the same information every time; 
  3. saving preferred settings;
  4. tracking the unauthorised use of our websites.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to analyse your visit to our websites. We analyse the number of visitors to our websites, the duration of the visits, the order of pages visited and whether any changes need to be made to the website. Using the information collected, we can make our websites even more user-friendly. These cookies are also used to solve possible technical problems on the websites. 

Marketing and tracking cookies

We will only use tracking cookies for commercial purposes with your prior consent. These cookies, which are often posted by third parties, help us to tailor promotional offers to you personally. Third parties can use tracking cookies to follow your Internet usage. NS uses a Tag Management System by Relay42 in order to manage your cookie preferences. This allows us to guarantee that no cookies will be processed without your express permission. 

Other technologies

In addition to cookies, NS also uses JavaScripts and web beacons. Using JavaScript in your browser allows us to make our sites interactive and to develop web applications. A web beacon is a small graphic image on our sites that enables us to determine how many visitors have seen the page, and at what times. These technologies can also be used for marketing and tracking purposes.

Third-party cookies

Some cookies are posted by third parties with NS' permission in order to promote certain products or services or to give you direct access to social media: Google Analytics, Google Maps, CroboxDoubleclick,Visual Web Optimizer, De TelegraafMetrixlab, MediaMind, Click Tale, UsabillaTurn, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Cloudfront, Sizmek, Cadreon, Criteo en Facebook. For the cookies posted by these third parties, the information they collect and the purpose for which the information is used, please refer to these parties' privacy statements on their own websites. These statements may change frequently, and NS is not responsible for the information provided.

If you would like to know more about cookies, please visit

*) As part of the section on cookies in the NS Privacy Statement, this pertains to the following websites: 


You can find an overview of the cookies & similar techniques that we use here

Camera surveillance

Security is a social issue in which NS also has a role to play. Travelling on the train is basically safe, but sometimes passengers have unpleasant experiences as a result of aggressive fare dodgers, vandals and loiterers. One of the measures we take to prevent this is the use of camera surveillance. In practice, this is an important tool in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences and when dealing with other offences. The camera surveillance is openly visible and is indicated by images on stickers. Only authorised personnel have access to the footage. If there are no serious incidents the footage is kept for twenty eight days before being deleted.

Where can you expect camera surveillance?

NS oversees a large number of stations using cameras. There are also cameras on a number of trains in the Randstad. The use of cameras on trains or at the stations is indicated with text and images.

At the stations Venlo, Rotterdam CS, Amsterdam CS and Hengelo, NS is carrying out a test using so-called bodycams. Security personnel and Service & Security staff turn on their cameras as soon as they notice an unsafe incident taking place. Staff at the NS Veiligheidscentrale watch these images live and can decide to call on NS colleagues or the police to provide assistance.

Bluetooth/WiFi-tracking at train stations

Each day, more than 1.2 million passengers use the train stations in the Netherlands. Functioning as a hub between pedestrian traffic and public transport, the train station is a special location; with options to transfer between trains, regional and city transport services, bicycle and car, as well as increasingly diverse services and facilities.


NS is continuously working with its partner ProRail to improve services at and around stations. In order to make this possible, it is necessary to have insight into the crowd dynamics, walking routes, travel times and waiting areas of passengers and other users of the station. In this context, at several large stations NS uses sensors that detect the Bluetooth and WiFi signals generated by peoples' mobile devices to map crowd dynamics. In practice, this is referred to as Bluetooth / WiFi tracking. NS makes sure that the data produced by the sensors is processed carefully and safely. This is done is such a way that the data cannot be traced back to individual users – neither directly nor indirectly. Your privacy is protected.


In early 2017, we will start marking stations at which Bluetooth/WiFi sensors are being used with the symbol below. The stations concerned are Amsterdam Centraal, Leiden Centraal, Amsterdam Zuid, Utrecht Centraal, Schiphol Airport and ’s Hertogenbosch. The symbol refers to the joint NS Stations and ProRail Stations website, on which you can find more information regarding Bluetooth/WiFi tracking as of early 2017.


NS reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy when necessary. However, this policy will never contradict the requirements stipulated in the Data Protection Act. You will always be able to find the most recent version of NS' privacy policy online on

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

January 2017