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The right image can bring a page to life and really illustrate the freedom travel can give you. It’s important to remember that there are unique requirements when working with photography in digital. These requirements are very different from working in print and broadcast.

Before you begin

Here are some general things to remember when working with photography in digital:

  • Make sure the focus is on the traveller.
  • Keep the tone of the photograph authentic and informal, not posed.
  • Focus on the experience and the emotion.
  • Avoid having text in the image.
  • Make sure the image is in landscape format.
  • Try to keep the main subject on the right hand side. See for example photography in the homepage hero.
  • Be aware of how the photograph will be cropped in the CMS.
  • And make sure to check out the Photography Guidelines Document (PDF in Dutch).

Most of the above guidelines also apply to working with film in digital. Have a look at the Video Guidelines Documents (ZIP-file).

You have 3 options for finding photography

  1. Take a look in our mediabank.
  2. Use royalty free imagery.
  3. Commission a photographer and create your own.

1. Take a look in our mediabank

Simply register and request access at

You will find photos in high and low resolution. You can use these images in communications, presentations and other documents. You will also find an archive of films and commercials.

Here are some photographs that will work well in digital.

2. Use royalty free stock photography

If you can't find the right image in our mediabank you could try stock resources such as Shutterstock or iStock.

Please note that you’ll need to get the image approved by our content team before you use it. You can reach them here:

3. Commission a photographer and create your own

If you can’t find what you need in our mediabank or in stock and you know exactly what you want then it maybe a good idea to commission a photographer. If the final image is going to be used in digital then we highly recommend that you read the above general guidelines and check the Photography Guidelines Document (PDF in Dutch). It also contains a handy briefingstool with checklist.

Obviously this is quite an expensive option so if you are not completely clear on what the specific requirements are for using a photograph in digital then please contact a member of the Marketing and Communications team for assistance.

Here are some photographs that have been commissioned for campaigns.

Campaign - NS Dal Voordeel

Campaign - Business Card

Campaign - NS Extra