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Form Elements

text in a dummy textInput

Inputs and elements that want to look like an input (like a <div> or a <textarea>). The inputs use only the .textInput class in able for it to look how it suppose to. This class also works when applying it to a div. It will take the styling of an input.
The textarea uses the .textArea class.


<input class="textInput" type="text" value="input type text" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput" type="email" value="input type email" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput" type="search" value="input type search" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput" type="password" value="input type password" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput" type="text" readonly="readonly" value="input readonly" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput textInput--noBorder" type="text" value="input type text no border" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput textInput--focusBorderOnly" type="text" value="input type text only focus border" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput textInput--focusBorderOnly textInput--darkFocus" type="text" value="input type text only focus border for use on light-blue backgrounds" /><br><br>
<input class="textInput textInput--search" type="search" value="input type search with search styling" /><br><br>
<textarea class="textArea">This is a simple texarea</textarea><br><br>
<textarea class="textArea textArea--noBorder">This is a simple texarea without border</textarea><br><br>
<div class="textInput">text in a dummy textInput</div><br>