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Mobile first design

The majority of our customers access our services via mobile. Because of it’s scale it make sense that we always design mobile first and scale up depending on which platform the user is accessing the content.

Focus on the essential

We have adopted a 'Mobile first' design approach at NS. That means we put the needs of mobile users at the heart of our thinking and then scale up from there depending on the device which it is being viewed. It is very important to focus on the essence of user tasks, the essential functions and content on smaller screens first. However you cannot forget about the other screen sizes so it is important to answer the core questions first, for instance; what is the most important message? and what is the call to action? etc.

Visitors will see the same content on the same site, on all devices, that is the nature of responsive websites. The design of the content and layout is derived from mobile but is gradually optimized to work on non-mobile devices with larger screens, such as computers and laptops. This focus on mobile, obviously means all designs and technical development must be touch friendly.

Content = King

Less is more

The mobile-first approach is a content-first approach. Focusing on the core user task will create peace and clarity on the page. Leave out unnecessary things and avoid showing too many layers of information.

It is good to bear in mind that mobile users use the site in a completely different context. This means that they will look for different content or functionalities than desktop users. For instance mobile users want current and on-the-go information, while a desktop user might want to read an article or make a more extensive request.

The mobile first approach is also very important for Google indexing, where mobile optimized sites get a higher rating and therefore higher in the search results are shown.

It is important to emphasize that mobile first does not automatically mean that there is no room for inspiration. Inviting and inspiring content also remains an important success factor for NS.