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Platform Beta

Why I need Platform

As NS moves from a traditional rail company to a mobility service embracing the future it needs to become more flexible. A future-proof NS must support an increasing number of products and services with a greater range of expression. You’ll find all the tools and guidelines you need to create better user experiences.

Getting started

Platform will help you produce a consistent NS experience.

Maintaining a consistent experience across all NS touch-points, from mobile phones to kiosks, is vitally important for a number of reasons…

  • It provides a recognisable and trustworthy experience, giving users the confidence to explore and use more of our products and services.
  • It increases our efficiency and productivity by enabling us to move faster.
  • It allows our numerous services to develop collectively, rather than independently.

We need your help

Platform is a shared space that helps us to collaborate and meet our customers’ ever changing needs. It’s a flexible foundation and it will expand and change over time as we move to meet our customer’s needs. We’re always looking for your help to keep it as relevant as possible so please get in touch with any ideas for improvements.

Let's do it

We hope we pointed you in the right direction to start making great things. Drop us a line if you’ve got any other ideas to make Platform better.