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Bicycle Storage

The many bicycle storage options enable you as a traveler to store and pick up your bicycle safely any time. When you purchase a season ticket, you receive an access pass that gives you constant access to the guarded or unguarded bicycle storage facilities or to the bicycle lockers or carousel. Check online to see which storage facilities are available at your station and how you can take advantage of them.

Welke fietsvoorzieningen zijn er op uw station? 

Various methods for storing bicycles

Guarded bicycle storage

There are several bicycle storage facilities available at the stations. At the guarded bicycle storage facilities, an attendant is on duty during opening hours to assist you.

Unguarded bicycle storage with service

There are also unguarded bicycle storage facilities that offer services. At these bicycle storage facilities, an attendant is on duty during opening hours to assist you.

Self-service bicycle storage

A self-service bicycle storage facility has an automated entrance and exit and is monitored by security cameras. An attendant may also be on duty, depending on the location.

Bicycle locker

If there is no guarded bicycle storage facility at a station, then there will often be bicycle lockers for you to store your bicycle securely. You can purchase a season ticket to use a bicycle locker.

Reporting disruptions

If something is wrong with your bicycle locker or the self-service storage, then you can submit a report using the disruption form.

A new way to store your bicycle

It is even easier to store your bicycle.

How much does bicycle storage cost?

Read more about the prices for storing your bicycle

Storage on account season ticket

You can also pay for storage when you collect your bicycle at a guarded storage facility.