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In recent years, NS has developed various formulas for its passengers. Sprinters for short distances and Intercity's for long distances.

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The Sprinter

The Sprinter is a train that is suited to covering short distances and stops at every station on its route. It is a functional type of train which is largely transparent and is fitted with many easily recognisable, wide doors to allow rapid boarding and disembarking. The carriages are spacious to ensure that there is plenty of room to stand during rush hour, thus allowing more passengers on board. The facilities on the train are also suited to short travel times. The exterior of the Sprinter is primarily painted white and blue.

The Intercity

The Intercity is a train type that is suited to medium to long distance journeys and only stops at medium to large train stations. It is a comfortable train type with facilities suited to longer journey times. All Intercity's feature quiet zones. The exterior of the intercity is primarily painted yellow and blue.

Standard facilities

All trains used by NS feature the following facilities: 1st and 2nd class, recognisable by the class markings on the exterior and interior of the train; bicycle facilities between the carriages; facilities for disabled passengers and audible travel information.

All of the trains feature some kind of art. Customers have told us that they really appreciate art in the train. By selecting the appropriate art styles and artists, we hope to be able to contribute to a pleasant and inspiring journey for our passengers.

The new Intercity

The newest Intercity is the most efficient double decker on the railways

Intercity ICM

The Intercity ICM is a single deck Intercity that was modernised in 2012

Intercity Rijtuigen ICR

Intercity Rijtuigen (ICR) is single deck Intercity with spacious seats

Intercity VIRM

The VIRM Intercity is an Intercity double decker with 4 series

Sprinter SGM

The SGM is a fast, transparent and uncluttered Sprinter.

Sprinter SLT

Board and disembark easily, with the new Sprinter from NS