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Bicycle storage Breda

There is now a new way to store your bicycle at the Belcrum and Centrum bicycle storage facilities in Breda; using your OV-chipkaart. With this new method we are trying to make it even easier for you to store your bicycle. In addition, at the entrance to the storage facility you can see how many free spaces are available for your bicycle and there is a bicycle shop which provides repair services. Of course, you can also rent an OV-fiets here.

Choose how you would like to store your bicycle

Daily storage

Storing your bicycle for one day or a few days: you can easily check in your bicycle with your OV-chipkaart at the check in point and then put it in storage. When you pick up your bicycle, you check out with the attendant. The first 24 hours starting from the moment you check your bicycle in are free of charge. After that you pay a rate of € 0.50 per 24 hours. You must pay the attendant with a debit card or pay via Storage on Account, with which you pay afterwards on a monthly basis via invoice. It is not possible to pay in cash.

Storage on account

If you have an OV-fietsabonnement or a mobility card (such as an NS-Business Card) then you do not have to register and can start using Storage on Account right away. You check in at the check in pole and check out with the attendant. You pay the daily rate after 24 hours: € 0.50 per 24 hours, afterwards via direct debit.

If you don't have an OV-fietsabonnement, but you do have a personal OV-chipkaart, then you can register for Storage on Account for free here.


  • Easily store and pick up your bicycle
  • View all your transactions online
  • Pay afterwards with direct debit

Annual season ticket

For € 55, you can purchase an annual season ticket for the Centrum and Belcrum bicycle storage facilities in Breda. You can pay for this annual season ticket with a one-off bank transaction. You only need to check in at the check in pole the first time, and then when picking up your bicycle check out with the facility's attendant. Upon checking out, the scanner will recognise you as a season ticket holder and you will be given a sticker to put on your bicycle. This sticker allows you to store your bicycle without checking in and out for the rest of the season ticket year. Purchase a season ticket.


  • Store and collect your bicycle quickly and easily
  • Guaranteed space
  • One year of unlimited storage for € 55

Rates for the various types of storage

The first 24 hours of storage at the Belcrum and Centrum bicycle storage facilities are free. After 24 hours you pay € 0.50 per 24 hours.

Daily storage Storage on Account Annual season ticket
24 hours free 24 hours free Bicycle € 55
Bicycle € 0.50 Bicycle € 0.50 Non-standard bicycle*, scooter € 159
Non-standard bicycle*, scooter € 1.50 Non-standard bicycle*, scooter € 1.50  

*A non-standard bicycle is a larger bicycle that does not fit in a standard bike rack, such as a cargo bike or a tandem
Please note: it is not possible to store mopeds/scooters and non-standard bicycles at the Centrum bicycle storage facility.

Opening times

Belcrum bicycle storage facility is open from 15 minutes before the  first train until 15 minutes after the last train.

Centrum bicycle storage facility has the following opening times:

  • Monday – Friday: 6.00 - 21.00
  • Saturday: 7.00 - 20.00
  • Sunday: 8.00 - 20.00

We care for your bicycle together

The City of Breda and NS have joined forces to operate this bicycle storage facility. Together, we can provide an accessible station with attractive, safe and better-utilised bicycle storage facilities, where you can store your bicycle easily, safely and dry.