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Refunds for delays

Has your train been delayed? Then ask for a refund. The amount refunded depends on how long the delay is. There are different arrangements for national journeys, Intercity direct and international journeys. If you had any other expenses, such as a taxi fare, then please contact the NS Customer Service.

Refunds when delayed on a national route

You are entitled to a refund if you arrive with a 30 minute or more delay at the NS station that is your final destination. The route must be identified as a route by the NS travel planner. 

Refunds for delayed journeys with the Intercity direct

The Intercity direct is the fast connection between Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda. When delayed for 15 minutes or more, you may request a refund for half of your Intercity direct ticket price, or a set amount of your supplement season ticket. When delayed for more than 30 minutes this refund increases to 100% of your ticket price. You can ask for a refund using the form `Geld terug bij vertraging met Intercity direct´ (Refunds for delayed journeys with Intercity direct).

Refunds for delays on international trains and use of the ICE supplement

If you experience a delay on an international route, you may request a refund. Simply fill in the online request form 'Geld terug bij vertraging' (Refunds for delayed journeys).

You can ask for a refund of your ICE supplement fee if you experience delays of 30 minutes or more during your train journey.