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Dal Voordeel

Benefits of this season ticket

  • 40% discount during off-peak hours
  • 40% discount on weekends.
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions
  • Free personal OV-chipkaart

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Discount travel with Dal Voordeel

With a 40% discount, you can save money during off-peak hours and at the weekend after just a few trips per year!


  • 40% discount during off-peak hours, at the weekend and on holidays.
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions
  • Discount also valid for other rail companies and on Dutch sections of InterCity Berlin and ICE International trains.
  • Only need 10 Euro balance to check in.

Benefits of an NS season ticket

  • Free copy of Spoor magazine 5x per year with interesting offers.
  • Exclusive offers for season ticket holders.
  • Manage your season ticket with a single, convenient overview in Mijn NS. Find your journeys in your travel history, and request refunds for delays or when you forget to check out.
  • 25% discount on international travel with RailPlus, for an extra € 15 per year.
  • Discounts on GreenWheels car sharing and Q-Park P+R parking facilities.
  • Free Kids Vrij. Children travel with you for free (sold separately).

When is the discount valid?

During off-peak hours
from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00 and between 18:30 and 06:30.

At the weekend
from 18:30 on Friday evening until 06:30 on Monday morning.

On holidays
all day long.

If you check in during off-peak hours, but check out during peak hours, then you still receive a 40% discount.

Extra discount for senior citizens

If you are 60 years old or older, then the Dal Voordeel is an even better deal! With the Optional Days, you can travel all day long anywhere in the Netherlands by train up to 7 times per year, for only € 24.50 extra. Your Optional Days are valid any weekday after 09:00. Optional Days can be ordered together with your season ticket. 

Get more out of your season ticket

Several supplements are available for the Dal Voordeel season ticket, offering you even more NS services. Store your bicycle on account, without separate season ticket expenses; rent an OV-fiets bicycle at more than 300 locations in the Netherlands; or travel without a supplement on the Intercity Direct between Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol. 

You can order these supplements together with your season ticket.

Good to know

  • Delivery time

    You will receive your new personal OV-chipkaart for free with an annual season ticket. Your new personal OV-chipkaart (with your season ticket) will be delivered to your home within one week.

    Season ticket within one day with an existing OV-chipkaart

    If you already have your own personal OV-chipkaart (with photograph), then enter the OV-chipkaart number when ordering your season ticket. You can then download your season ticket within one working day from an NS Ticket Machine. That way, you can travel with a discount right away!

  • Season ticket term

    Your season ticket is valid for a term of one year. After the first year, you may cancel your season ticket at any time, with a month's notice. We will then refund any amount remaining on your balance.

    You also have the option of switching to a more expensive season ticket during the first year

  • Payment

    You can pay for your annual season ticket quickly and securely via your own bank using iDeal. Simply pay the first year's season ticket costs upon completing your order. After the first year, the season ticket costs will be automatically debited from your account each year.

    If you do not have iDeal, but you do have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can order a season ticket by telephone. NS Customer Service is available 24 hours per day. 

  • Conditions

    Download the season ticket product conditions.

More information

Order now

€50 per year Add to cart

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  • Unlimited travel on weekends.
  • 40% discount during off-peak hours

Altijd Voordeel

  • 40% discount on weekends.
  • 40% discount during off-peak hours
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More information

  • About your travel class

    When ordering, you must choose whether you wish to travel 1st or 2nd class. The price of the season ticket is the same for both. The price of your journey is determined by applying the discount you are entitled to to the base price of the journey. This base price is higher for 1st class.


    The price of a one-way ticket from Utrecht Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal is € 7.50 in 2nd class. With 40% discount you pay € 4.50. In 1st class this journey costs € 12.80. With 40% discount you pay € 7.70.

    Swapping classes

    It is always possible to swap classes for a day. You can do this at the ticket machine. More information about swapping classes.

  • More information about Optional days

    • 7 x one day of extra cheap travel by train anywhere in the Netherlands
    • Valid all day during the weekend and on holidays
    • During the week you may travel after 9.00
    • Valid for all Dutch train carriers (within the Netherlands)
    For whom?

    Optional days can be ordered by anyone who is 60 years old or older, with a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel season ticket.

    How does it work?

    You order your Optional days with your season ticket or via Mijn NS. You get 7 Optional days per year. 1 Optional day is valid all year and 6 Optional days must be used one every 2 months. Unused Optional days expire. 

    Loading onto an OV-Chipkaart
    1. Go to the ticket machine with your OV-chipkaart
    2. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader at the bottom right of the screen
    3. Choose ‘Ophalen Keuzedag’ (The fourth button in the left column)
    4. Click on ‘akkoord’
    5. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader again

    Your Optional day is now loaded onto your OV-chipkaart. You can start your journey by checking in on your Optional day.