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Making changes

With NS you can easily make changes to your NS season tickets and anything related to them. For example, your personal details, optional additional season tickets and Keuzedagen. You can of course choose to transfer to a different season ticket, cancel your season ticket or swap classes.

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Making changes to season tickets

You can make changes to your NS season ticket using Mijn NS or on the telephone via Customer Service. For example, change the class of your NS season ticket, request extra options or order a supplementary season ticket.

Transferring to a different season ticket

Would you like to swap your current season ticket for a different season ticket? You can do this easily via Mijn NS or NS Customer Service

Extending season tickets

Annual season tickets are automatically extended each year, whereas monthly season tickets are not. You buy these every month yourself.

View your door-to-door services in Mijn NS

Changing or cancelling Keuzedagen

Cancelling or switching your season ticket will have repercussions on your Keuzedagen, as some season discounts will change the discount periods and conditions.

Managing your Mijn NS account

With your own Mijn NS account, you can manage your own personal information and gain access to your travel history, in both the business and consumer environments, but also for door-to-door services.

Changing class

You can always travel in a different class for a day, but you must change your season ticket if you would like to permanently travel in a different class.

Making changes to optional additional season tickets

Optional additional season tickets allow family members to benefit from additional discounts. You can order them along with your own season ticket or at a later date via Mijn NS.

Making changes to an NS-Business Card

Would you like to make a change to a season ticket on your NS-Business Card? You can do this easily via Mijn NS Zakelijk.