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The more people the cheaper

NS Group return ticket for max. 10 people

Individual tickets & supplements

Individual tickets & supplements

Individual tickets

Take a Single ticket to your destination

Ook als mobiel ticket

Out and back on the same route on the same day

Ook als mobiel ticket

Children save money travelling with Railrunner

€ 2,50 per child

Travel together cheaply by train

One whole day's unlimited travel on trains


Change class from 2nd to 1st

Travel comfortably by ICE

€ 2,40 per single journey

Travel much faster with Intercity direct

€ 2,40

Use voucher code

Exchange your voucher code for your train tickets

Enter the voucher code for the ticket that you purchased. For example, a promotional action in the Spoordeelwinkel shop. If the code has not yet been filled in automatically, please enter it manually and then click ‘Redeem’.

Only available at the station or ticketmachine

Discover the Maas-Rhine Euregio area by bus and train

€ 18,50 per dag

A ticket for taking your bicycle or your pet with you on the train


How to use the OV-chipkaart

A one-day ticket that is valid in the train, tram, bus and metro

From€ 39

Single or return to popular destinations with no station

Other tickets

Unlimited travel across Amsterdam

Only€ 25 for a 3-day ticket

Grensabonnement or OV-Begeleiderskaart

Grensabonnement or OV-Begeleiderskaart