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NS on your mobile

With mobile internet for laptop, tablet or telephone, you always have access to the latest information about national and international train travel while on the move. NS offers free SMS alerts so that you are always informed when timetables are changed.

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Reisplanner Xtra travel planner app

With the Reisplanner Xtra app, you always have up-to-date travel information.

NS International App

Use the NS International App to keep up with the current travel information.

SMS alert

SMS alert keeps you informed about changes to timetables

Travel Planner Wear app

The Travel Planner Wear app is a must-have for your smartwatch. It allows you to quickly and easily plan journeys to and from your favourite locations. But it also keeps you informed of the progress of your journey and any changes that occur along the way.

Mobile phone tickets

Download your e-ticket to a mobile telephone.