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Checking in and out at the gates and poles

The OV-chipkaart gives access to the station if you have an NS season ticket or enough balance on your card (€10 or € 20). The NS-Business Card provides access to the station at all times.

Checking in and out at the gates and poles

By holding your OV-chipkaart, NS-Business Card or single-use chipkaart in front of the card reader on the right of the gate, you can open the gates and check in simultaneously. You will hear a single tone when the reader reads your card. At the end of your journey, simply hold your card in front of the card reader at the gate to open the gate and check out. You will hear two tones to indicate that you have checked out successfully.

You can only go through gates indicated with a green arrow. A red cross indicates that you may not go through a gate. Hold your ticket on the card reader on the right hand side of the gate and then walk through the gate when it opens.

Traveling with an e-ticket?

Then you can open the gates using the barcode on the e-ticket.

Did I check in or didn't I?

There is a 100-second delay between checking in- and out at the same card reader. So if you are not sure that you have checked in or out successfully, you can check to make sure by holding your card against the same card reader again within 100 seconds.

Stations with multiple train carriers

There are several stations in the Netherlands at which carriers other than NS offer their services. If access gates are placed at these stations, then there are separate gates for each carrier. It is important that passengers check in and out at the gate that belongs to the carrier they are traveling with. Passengers are not able to check in with one carrier, and then check out with another. If you are traveling with NS, then check in and out at NS gates. If you are not traveling further, then you can check out when leaving the station by using the gates or poles at the exit. If you will be traveling further with another carrier, then you can carry out your transfer using the poles on the platform. First check out at the NS pole, then check in at the other carrier's pole.

Need help?

Are you having trouble getting a gate open? Then ask an NS employee for help. You can also go to the NS alarm and information column. These columns can be found at all stations with gates. If you press the 'i-button', you will immediately be connected to a member of the NS staff who will be able to provide you with further assistance.