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Checking in and out at the gates and poles

The OV-chipkaart gives access to the station if you have an NS season ticket or a balance on your card. The NS-Business Card provides access to the station at all times.

Checking in and out at the gates and poles

By holding your OV-chipkaart, NS-Business Card or single-use chipkaart in front of the card reader at the gate, you can open the gates and check in simultaneously. You will hear a single tone when the reader reads your card. At the end of your journey, simply hold your card in front of the card reader at the gate to open the gate and check out. You will hear two tones to indicate that you have checked out successfully. At the platform, there are poles where you can check out and in again if you are continuing your journey with another transport company. If you are not transferring to another company, simply check out at the gates.

Did I check in or didn't I?

There is a 100-second delay between checking in- and out at the same card reader. So if you are not sure that you have checked in or out successfully, you can check to make sure by holding your card against the same card reader again within 100 seconds.

Gates and poles

NS is conducting round-the-clock tests of 100% operational gates throughout the country. These tests are to familiarise travelers with the future situation at 82 of the 410 stations throughout the country. In the future situation, people will only be able to enter the station via the gates. Many of the stations already have 50-75% of the gates operational. The purpose of this measure is to increase security for our customers at the stations. Many of the situations that cause travelers to feel unsafe are caused by fare evaders, and once the gates are operational, fare evaders will no longer have access to the station, which will make the station and the trains more safe.

If you are traveling with an e-ticket, you can open the gates by holding the bar code on the ticket in front of the barcode reader at the gate.

Useful information

You can only enter through the gates that are indicated by a green arrow. A red X at the gate means that you cannot enter through that gate. To enter, simply hold your ticket or chipkaart in front of the card reader to the right of the gate and walk through the opened doors.

If you cannot open the gates for any reason, ask for assistance from an NS employee or the NS alarm and information pole. These poles are located at every NS station. Press on the 'i' button and you will be connected to an NS employee who can assist you further.