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Have NS Zakelijk work for you
NS Zakelijk is your partner for all your transportation needs, travel costs for all colleagues, and in moving forward sustainably. Ready to get on board with us?
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NS-Business Card
With the NS-Business Card, employees travel by public transport and shared transport to and from their destination. Without spending time claiming expenses or loading balance. Because all travel expenses appear on one VAT invoice. Every month.
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If your employees regularly travel by public transportation for business, it is advantageous to add a subscription to the NS-Business Card(s). You then have lower costs due to a fixed subscription amount per month.
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Mobility platform NS Go
Travel with the NS-Business Card and a platform to manage your mobility policy: that is NS Go. NS Go registers all kilometers travelled by all employees, by any means of transport. This means you automatically comply with the CO2 reporting obligation. NS Go also automatically deducts allowances from the salary. Curious about all the possibilities?
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Reasons for choosing NS Zakelijk
Your employees get access to all their preferred modes of transport without any of the hassle, and you get to arrange their mobility online quickly and easily.
NS is a frontrunner in sustainable transportation. All our trains run entirely on green energy, and as many of our shared cars and other transport solutions as possible are electrical. 
NS has 180 years of experience in mobility and is the largest mobility provider in the Netherlands.
All trips are billed in arrears on one monthly invoice, so you won’t be inundated with separate travel expense claims any longer.
Research shows that employees who travel by train and bicycle are more vital, and our OV-fietsen (bikes) and guarded parking facilities throughout the country make a healthy contribution.
Regardless of whether your employees travel little or are constantly on the move, we’ll make sure that everyone always travels on the most affordable travel product.
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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
The quality management (9001) and information security (27001) of our services comply with internationally recognised standards.
wij-zijn-ISO9001-en-ISO IEC27001-gecertificeerd
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Frequently asked questions
How can I order one or more new NS-Business Cards?
Not yet an NS Zakelijk customer?
Online you can order up to 5 NS-Business Cards at the same time. While ordering you need to make a 1 cent IDEAL payment to verify the account number. The name of the person authorized from your organization to sign the contract with NS is also required. Ordering 1 to a maximum of 5 NS-Business Cards can be done at
Do you want to order more than 5 cards? Then use our application form. We will contact you within 5 working days.
After your first order you can add unlimited NS-Business Cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Mijn NS Zakelijk is your personal management environment.
Are you already an NS Zakelijk customer?
Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk for contact persons. Choose 'Order NS-Business Cards' to order cards.
Hoe kan ik een abonnement toevoegen op een NS-Business Card?
If you do not yet have an NS-Business Card, add a subscription when ordering your card. Go to the order page to order 1 to a maximum of 5 NS-Business Cards with or without a subscription. If you want to order more than 5 cards, go to our request form.
Do you and/or your employees already travel with the NS Business Card, then you can add a subscription as contact person, or - if this is determined by your organization - as cardholder.
Add subscription as contact person
You can add a subscription to an NS-Business Card as a contact person in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You do this under 'Manage cards and cardholders'. Click on your employee's card number, choose 'Change subscription' and then the desired subscription.
Do you want a Traject op Maat abonnement? Then contact your NS account manager. Or if you are self-employed with our Customer Service via 030 300 11 11. We will then add the Traject op Maat subscription to your agreement with NS. It will then be available in Mijn NS Zakelijk and, as a contact person, you can add the subscription to one or more NS-Business Cards. You do this under 'Manage cards and cardholders'.
After you have added a subscription to an NS Business Card in My NS Business, it is important that the person traveling with the card collects the subscription from an NS card machine at one of our stations. The cardholder will receive an e-mail with more information about this.
Add subscription as a cardholder
Your organization may have included in the agreement with NS that cardholders can order and change subscriptions themselves. You do this as a cardholder in Mijn NS Zakelijk under 'My NS-Business Card'. After you have placed a subscription on the NS-Business Card, it is important that you collect the subscription from an NS card machine at one of our stations. You will receive an e-mail with more information about this.
Which business subscriptions can I choose from?
Go to our subscriptions overview page.
Changing classes temporarily
You can easily change classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS ticket machine. For 1 trip, all day long, for a fixed period time, or permanently.
Changing classes via the NS app
You can arrange a class change before or after you have checked in. This can be done up to 15 minutes after checking in.
You can arrange a class change in a few steps:
  1. Go to the NS app.
  2. Choose 'More' at the bottom right of your screen and then 'My NS'. Is your NS-Business Card not yet linked to the app? Read how to link your card.
  3. As you scroll down, you will automatically see the class in which you travel. You can change this to 1st class.
You can also deactivate the class change via the NS app. Or several times a day and turn it back on again.
Tip: do you often want to change class? On the home screen of the NS app, choose 'Add Widget' and then 'Class change'. This way you can arrange your class change directly and extra quickly.
Good to know about arranging a class change via the NS app:
  • The class change is only valid on NS trains.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
  • Don't have the NS app yet? See how to download the app.
Changing classes via Mijn NS Zakelijk
You can choose between three options: an open-ended class change, a class change for today only, or a class change for a specific date/time. Requests can be made 24 hours a day, but always arrange the change before you check in.
A class change can be arranged in a few steps:
  1. Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk. Don't have an account yet or have you lost your login details? Find out how to activate your account or request login details.
  2. Under 'Directly arrange' choose 'Request a class change'.
Good to know about arranging a class change via Mijn NS Zakelijk:
  • The change is only valid on NS trains.
  • You cannot cancel the change on an NS ticket machine.
  • Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. The change does show up on the conductor's monitoring equipment.
Changing classes on the ticket machine
Follow the instructions on the ticket machine. Any class changes made on the ticket machine will automatically remain valid until 4:00 the following morning. You can also reverse class changes on the machine.
Viewing and downloading invoices
We will e-mail you your monthly invoice as a PDF around the 14th of the month. If you are your organisation’s contact person, you will also be able to access attachments to the invoice in Mijn NS Zakelijk from that date as well. In these attachments, an invoice breakdown (PDF) and transaction summary (CSV), you will find a breakdown of all trips, transactions and costs.
View all frequently asked questions