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NS-Business Card

A single card for public transportation, Greenwheels, OV-fiets and much more.

Regardless of how small or large your business is or how much or how little your employees need to travel. With the NS-Business Card, you have one card for public transport, Greenwheels, OV-fiets and much more. With no balance, you can use all public transport and various door to door services. There are no purchasing costs, no season ticket fees and you pay afterwards with one clear invoice.

Order the free NS-Business Card

For self-employed entrepreneurs

Decide for yourself how you want to travel with the free NS-Business Card

For small- and medium-sized businesses

Convenient travel on public transportation for employees, and control of costs for employers

For large companies

NS Zakelijk is your mobility partner for simple, sustainable business travel.

NS-Business Card

Business mobility

Cut costs

Would you like to save money on business travel? Choose for the NS-Business Card

The convenience of a single card

Travel on account door-to-door with a single NS-Business Card

More sustainable entrepreneurship

Would you like to make your business more sustainable? Then choose to travel by train.

International travel on account

You can travel internationally on account using your NS-Business Card.