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Guarded bicycle storage facility
Store your bicycle on account in any guarded or self-service bicycle storage facilities. Easy check-in and check-out.
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Bike check-in at the NS Fietsenstalling
Your bicycle is kept safe and dry.
You can often store your bicycle for free for the first 24 hours.
Check in and out easily using the NS-Business Card.
Use any guarded or self-service bicycle storage facility.
Convenient payment at the end of the month via a single invoice.
How does it work?
First, activate the guarded bicycle storage option in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account (via ‘Mijn NS-Business Card’ > ‘Door-to-door services’ > ‘OV-fiets and bicycle storage facility’). 
Tell the storage facility attendant that you’d like to store your bicycle on account using your NS-Business Card. Then check in or out at the bicycle storage facility.
In the self-service storage facility, hold your NS-Business Card against the display and follow the instructions. When you leave the storage facility, you can check out again using your NS-Business Card.