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NS-Business Card with OV Vrij subscription
Unlimited public transport travel, at a fixed monthly rate. This subscription offers the best value if you use public transport a lot.
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The benefits
Unlimited train, bus, tram and metro travel, at a fixed monthly rate.
Combined travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers
Good to know
This subscription is tied to your NS-Business Card. The card is free and doesn’t come with any one-off or recurring costs.
Online environment in Mijn NS Zakelijk
Cancel your subscription any day after the first month.
Available with an Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij subscription for the Schiphol-Rotterdam route and vice versa
Your OV Vrij Subscription is tied to your NS-Business Card
Available with a Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij subscription for the Schiphol - Rotterdam route and vice versa
Who is the OV Vrij subscription for?
An NS-Business Card with an OV Vrij subscription is an interesting option for you if you:
regularly travel long distances by train;
regularly travel by bus, tram and metro;
commute more than 90 kilometres.
If you take an NS train for a fixed route 3 days a week or more, a Traject Vrij subscription or Trein Vrij subscription may offer better value. If you occasionally travel to various destinations during off-peak hours, check out the Dal subscription.
Your subscription is tied to your NS-Business Card. All travel costs are billed in arrears on 1 clear invoice.
You can find our Terms & Conditions on our voorwaardenpagina.
Season ticket costs
The OV Vrij subscription consists of 2 parts: a Train Vrij subscription and a Bus Tram Metro Vrij subscription (BTM Vrij).
2nd class OV Vrij subscription € 389.24 per month, excl VAT
1st class OV Vrij subscription: € 618.64 per month, excl VAT
How to order
If you’re not an NS Zakelijk customer yet, order your NS-Business Card online.
You will need a Chamber of Commerce number.
Simply follow the steps.
To confirm your account number, we’ll ask you to make a one-off payment of € 0.01 via iDEAL.
If you’re already an NS Zakelijk customer, order your NS-Business Card via Mijn NS Zakelijk.
All about the NS-Business Card
How does the NS-Business Card work?
With the NS-Business Card you or your employees travel with a personal card or a departmental card by checking in and out of the train, bus, tram and metro. In addition, use can be made of extra door-to-door services, such as Greenwheels, OV-fiets and P+R parking.
What is travelling on account?
Travelling on account is the payment method for the NS-Business Card. You pay for the services used afterwards.
With which train, bus, tram and metro companies can I travel with the NS-Business Card?
With the NS-Business Card you can travel with all carriers in the Netherlands by train, bus, tram and metro by checking in and out. With each individual carrier you have to check in and out. After a journey with NS you therefore first check out and then check in again with the next carrier.
Which additional subscriptions are there for the NS-Business Card?
There are several subscriptions: Dal subscription, Traject Vrij subscription (also with the option of Gesplitst Betalen: split payment), Trein Vrij subscription, OV Vrij subscription and Traject op Maat subscription. With a subscription you retain all the benefits of the NS-Business Card.  View all business subscriptions.
Checking in and out
The NS-Business Card is a business public transport chip card. Hold the card at a check-in post or gate to check in for your train journey. When leaving the train, do the same to check out. Are you changing transport companies? Then check out and in again at the next carrier. Checking in and out in the Netherlands is not necessary for international train journeys. You can easily book your international train journey via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account and it will also be invoiced afterwards.
Samenreiskorting (joint travel discount)
If you have a subscription to your NS-Business Card, then up to 3 people can travel with you during off-peak hours at a 40% discount. This can be easily arranged at the ticket machine at the station.
Change of class
Changing class once or permanently can be easily arranged in the NS-app or at the ticket machine at the station.
You can find the conditions on the conditions page.
Other subscriptions
Without subscription
You can start travelling with the free NS-Business Card right away. We’ll analyse your travel behaviour for the first quarter and recommend the best season ticket for you based on the data!
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Dal subscription
Most chosen
If you occasionally travel outside peak hours, discover the Dal season ticket and get 40% off travel outside peak hours. We know a great deal when we see one.
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Traject Vrij subscription
If you often travel on the same route, the Traject Vrij season ticket is the best choice. With this season ticket, you get unlimited travel on this route at a fixed rate.
Rate depends on route
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Trein Vrij subscription
Unlimited train travel, at a fixed monthly rate. How’s that for efficiency? You can use the same card for all your trips.
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OV Vrij subscription
Unlimited public transport travel, at a fixed monthly rate. This season ticket offers the best value if you use public transport a lot.
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