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  • Pick up, change or end subscription
  • View invoices
  • NS-Business Card gestolen, kwijt of beschadigd
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NS-Business Card
  • About NS-Business Card
  • Order
  • Expired, lost, damaged, stolen
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  • About business subscriptions
  • Dal Voordeel
  • Traject op Maat
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  • About NS Go
  • Tax regulations
  • Privacy & security
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  • Changing classes
  • Checking in and out
  • Refund in case of delay
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Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • New look
  • Logging in to your account
  • Managing your account
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Financial questions
  • Travel
  • Payment
  • Invoices
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Your contract with NS
  • Entering into a contract
  • Cancelling your contract
NS Business Card - NS
Do it yourself
Do you have a contract with NS Zakelijk? Then you have a Mijn NS Business account. In this account you can, among other things:
  • Order and manage NS-Business Cards.
  • Activate and change subscriptions.
  • View and download your invoices.
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