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Mijn NS Zakelijk is your own trip & product management hub. Here’s what you can do yourself, and how we can help you.
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Agreement NS-Business Card
Starting and managing an NS-Business Card Agreement.
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NS-Business Card renewal
Every 5 years you will receive a new NS-Business Card. If your card expires, in many cases we can automatically replace it.
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Ordering & changes
Order, update or terminate one or more NS-Business Cards.
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Optimal travel with our various services.
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Ordering large numbers of tickets
Do you need train tickets for your event or fair that you can give to your customers or visitors?
Discover how to order
Insight into the invoice, specifications and billing process.
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Check the crowds
Our new Treinwijzer tool is a quick way to check expected crowds in your train.
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1st class traveller
NS Customer Service
Find your favorite contact option and ask your question.
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Am I tied to a subscription or can I switch subscriptions during my contract?
No, you are not tied to anything! If you have an NS-Business Card with a subscription, you can cancel it every day after the first month. You can also easily switch between the different subscriptions. You can always change to a more extensive subscription. You can terminate or adjust to a cheaper subscription after the first month. If you have a Traject Vrij subscription, you can change your fixed route at any time. Also within the first month. Everything is easy to arrange via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
What can I do in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
Are you your organisation’s contact person?
As a contact person, you can manage employee details, sign up new employees, update address details, order, modify and/or cancel season tickets, request replacement cards and view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can also:
Create Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts for your employees.
Add and delete employees, or make address changes. Order and approve cards (optional).
Change additional subscriptions or terminate NS-Business Cards.
View and download invoices, breakdowns and transaction data.
Request a replacement NS-Business Card if your card no longer works or if it was lost or stolen.
Request a refund after a delay for department/company cards by using the Refund after a delay form.
View trips and add labels to trips and transactions.
Review company details and agreements.
View and download management reports.
Do you use your NS-Business Card to travel (cardholder)?
As a cardholder, you have access to your own details and travel details and can do the following in Mijn NS Zakelijk:
Request a refund after a delay.
Correct a missed check-in or check-out.
Manage your personal details.
Order an additional season ticket (if your employer has authorised you to do so).
Request a class change (you can also use the NS app).
View your trip history and add labels (you can also use the NS app).
Book door-to-door services (you can also use the NS app).
Manuals/guidance on how to use Mijn NS Zakelijk
We have guidance for contact persons and cardholders for the most common actions in Mijn NS Zakelijk. These can be found here.
Deactivating my account
When your NS-Business Card has been cancelled, your organisation’s NS contact person can deactivate your cardholder status in Mijn NS Zakelijk. When you’ve been deactivated as a cardholder, your organisation will no longer see your details. You can keep accessing your own data in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account for as long as you wish.
How do I access Mijn NS Zakelijk?
As soon as your organisation enters into an agreement with NS or you order an NS-Business Card online the first time, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail inviting you to create an account.
Contact person, cardholder or both?
You might like to know that there are two types of accounts when it comes to an NS-Business Card:
Accounts for contact persons within an organisation
Accounts for people travelling with NS-Business Cards (cardholders)
A distinction has been made between accounts because contact persons must be able to perform other administrative actions than cardholders. Depending on your role, you will receive an e-mail with the login details for a contact person or a cardholder account. Note: If you’re an entrepeneur, you’ll get access to both accounts, because you’re both the contact person for your organisation and a person using the NS-Business Card to travel. We recommend that you use only the contact person account, as this will give you access to the most features and means you will only have to activate one account.
Mijn NS Zakelijk account with department cards
If you use a department card, your organisation’s NS contact person will create an account for you. You will then receive a link to activate your own Mijn NS Zakelijk account. If you already have an active Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you’ll find both the department card and your personal NS-Business Card in the account.
Missed check-in or check-out
Missed check-in
If you realise that you forgot to check in with your NS-Business Card right after passing the check-in gates or posts, try to check in anyway before you board the train. If you do not check in in advance, you may be charged a correction fee, depending on your season ticket. Make sure to check in and out at all times. Remember to check in at the right check-in post or gate: if you’re travelling with NS, check in with NS; if you’re travelling with Arriva, check in with Arriva. When checking in, make sure to do so at the right side of the gate. If you’re already on the train when you realise that you forgot to check in, please let the conductor know.
Missed check-out
No need to worry! As standard, the Missed Check-out Service is enabled on all our cards. We’ll automatically correct your missed check-out if we’re confident we know where your trip with NS ended. To find out, we might look at your next check-in. If we can determine where your trip ended, we’ll change the fare accordingly and send you an e-mail. If we’re not sure where your trip ended, we’ll also send you an e-mail so you can correct your trip yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can correct up to 5 missed check-outs per NS-Business Card per calendar year. Automatic corrections made by the Missed Check-out Service or manual corrections made in Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS app all count. After 5 corrected check-outs, you’ll no longer receive a notification, and only the NS Zakelijk Customer Service Department will be able to correct your missed check-out. NS is not required to honour your request. Please note: the Missed Check-out Service only works with NS trips.
Changing classes (temporarily)
You can easily change classes in the NS app, Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS ticket machine? For 1 trip, all day long, for a fixed period time, or permanently.
Change classes up to 15 minutes after you check in via the NS app
You can change classes before or after you check in, provided you do so within 15 minutes of checking in.
The change is only valid on NS trains.
You can make and reverse the change several times a day.
You can also change back using the NS app.
The app will show you whether you have an active class change.
Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. Even conductors cannot see class changes.
In the NS app, go to ‘Mijn NS’ to see your NS-Business Card and options, including ‘changing class’.
Download the NS-app.
Changing classes with Mijn NS Zakelijk
You have three options: an open-ended class change, a class change for today only, or a class change for a specific date/time.
You can request a class change 24 hours a day by going to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Make sure to change classes before checking in.
The change is only valid on NS trains.
In Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can see whether there is an active class change.
You cannot cancel the change on an NS ticket machine.
Please note that you will not see your class change on check-in posts, gates or ticket machines. Even conductors cannot see class changes.
Go to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Changing classes on the ticket machine
Follow the instructions on the ticket machine.
Any class changes made on the ticket machine will automatically remain valid until 4:00 the following morning. You can also reverse class changes on the machine.