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Business travel subscriptions
If you regularly travel by public transport for work, you could save money by adding a season ticket to your NS-Business Card. You can use all the features of an NS-Business Card and have lower costs due to a fixed monthly subscription fee.
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You can easily switch between the different subscriptions. You can always change to a more extensive subscription. You can terminate or adjust to a cheaper subscription after the first month.
  • The advantages of the NS-Business Card without a monthly subscription fee
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Dal Voordeel
  • 40% discount on off-peak NS travel
  • 40% discount on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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Traject Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on a fixed route
  • 40% discount on other routes during off-peak hours
  • 40% discount on other routes on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
Rate depends on route
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Trein Vrij
  • Unlimited train travel
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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OV Vrij
  • Unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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NS-Business Collective
  • Employees travel by train or public transport for free all year long
  • Rates change automatically in line with recent travel behaviour
  • Available for companies with 30 employees and more
Rate on request
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Traject op Maat
  • For employees who travel a fixed route 2-3 times a week on average.
  • Flexible: price is determined monthly in arrears
  • For organisations with 30+ NS Business Cards
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Always included in an NS-Business Card
  • Access to all door-to-door services; from OV-fiets to international trains
  • Travel without loading balance
  • 1 card for all means of travel
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Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between the NS-Business Card and NS Flex?
With the NS-Business Card or NS Flex you choose a way of traveling that suits you. You travel on account and therefore do not need to add any balance to your card. The difference between the NS-Business Card and NS Flex?
  • Way of invoicing
    • With the NS-Business Card you receive all trips made on one monthly VAT invoice.
    • With NS Flex, you do not receive an invoice but have the option to create a separate declaration statement without VAT percentages in your My NS account.
  • Use of shared transport
    • With both cards you can easily use the train, bus, tram, metro, OV-fiets and 'Stallen op rekening'. With the NS-Business Card you can also choose the international train, shared cars and shared scooters. All costs appear afterwards on one invoice.
  • Costs of card or subscription
    • You can apply for the NS-Business Card and most NS Flex subscriptions for free. Only for Flex Basis and Flex Weekend Voordeel you pay a one-time € 10 administration fee.
There are also agreements. Want to know more about the two options?
More about NS Business Card and NS Flex (in Dutch)
What door-to-door services can I use?
The NS-Business Card gives you - besides train, bus, tram and subway - access to the following door-to-door services:
  • OV-fiets
  • Guarded bicycle storage
  • Electric shared bikes of TIER
  • Check shared scooters
  • Deelauto's van Greenwheels
  • P+R parking (car parks next to railway stations)
  • International train travel
  • Taxi
Please note: the actual services you as a cardholder are entitled to use, depend on the agreements between your employer and NS. Only the NS contact person in your organisation can switch door-to-door services on and off.
This agreement lays down which services have been activated (and for whom). For example, you may be able to use all our services, whereas an employee of another organisation may only be able to travel by train, bus, tram, metro and OV-fiets. To find out which services have been activated for your NS-Business Card, check out your Mijn NS Zakelijk account:
  1. Log into Mijn NS Zakelijk for cardholders and click on 'My NS-Business Card'.
  2. Check whether a service is on or off. Good to know: 'on' means you can use the service. You only pay when you actually use the service.
  3. If a service is off, ask your employer to turn this service on in Mijn NS Zakelijk for Contact person under 'Manage cards and cardholders' or do this yourself as a enterpreneur.
Do you use NS Go?
Then you can add the service yourself in the system.
What is the notice period for an NS-Business Card subscription?
We implement a termination of a subscription immediately after the first 30 days. It is important that the cardholder 'collects' the termination at the NS card machine or one of the OV-chipkaart service points. After terminating the subscription in Mijn NS Zakelijk, the cardholder may have to wait 30 minutes before the termination can be picked up. That person will receive an email with more information about picking up the termination.
How long am I tied to the Dal subscription?
After the first month, you can cancel your Dal subscription daily or change to a different one.
For example, if you know that you won't be travelling for a few weeks, you can change to the NS-Business Card without a subscription for that period (if you don't travel, you don't pay). Or maybe you will be travelling a fixed route more often anyway. Then the Traject Vrij subscription is probably more advantageous for you. How's that for flexible!
Can I travel internationally with my NS-Business Card?
Yes, you can. You can book international train tickets via Mijn NS Zakelijk easily and quickly, without paying any additional costs.
Read more on international travel.
What are the main benefits of Traject op Maat?
  • A low-cost subscription for travelling 2 to 3 days a week on a fixed route. 
  • A flexible fare combined with budget assurance.
  • 40% discount on journeys outside your route, outside peak hours.
  • 40% Samenreiskorting in off-peak hours for 3 fellow travellers.
  • Traject op Maat can be cancelled daily after one month.
Read more on the Traject Op Maat subscription
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