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Business travel subscriptions
If you regularly travel by public transport for work, you could save money by adding a season ticket to your NS-Business Card. Discover which season ticket is best for you - we’ll help you choose!
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Without subscription
You can start travelling with the free NS-Business Card right away. We’ll analyse your travel behaviour for the first quarter and recommend the best season ticket for you based on the data!
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Dal subscription
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If you occasionally travel outside peak hours, discover the Dal season ticket and get 40% off travel outside peak hours. We know a great deal when we see one.
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Traject Vrij subscription
If you often travel on the same route, the Traject Vrij season ticket is the best choice. With this season ticket, you get unlimited travel on this route at a fixed rate.
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Trein Vrij subscription
Unlimited train travel, at a fixed monthly rate. How’s that for efficiency? You can use the same card for all your trips.
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OV Vrij subscription
Unlimited public transport travel, at a fixed monthly rate. This season ticket offers the best value if you use public transport a lot.
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NS-Business Collective
Your employees get to travel by train or public transport for free all year long, all at a fixed rate. The Collectief season ticket is available for companies with 30 employees and more!
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Traject op Maat
The flexible and inexpensive subscription for employees who travel a fixed route 2-3 times a week on average. The price is determined monthly in arrears on the basis of travel behaviour. For organisations with 30+ NS Business Cards.
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Frequently asked questions
A free NS-Business Card. How does it work?
Ordering an NS-Business Card is free. You pay nothing for the card. If you don't use the card, you don't pay anything. Only when you use the card or put a subscription on it will the costs be charged on a monthly invoice.
I only travel by train a few times a year. Is it still an interesting option?
The NS‑Business Card is also very interesting if you only travel a few times a year. There are no fixed costs associated with the card and you only pay for the trips made. If you don't travel, you don't pay.
How can I tell whether I will save money with a subscription on my NS-Business Card?
If you can travel outside peak hours, an NS-Business Card with a Dal (meaning: off-peak) subscription is an economical choice. You will often have recouped the costs of the Dal subscription after 4 trips during off-peak hours. Do you often travel on a fixed route? Then it may be cheaper to add a Traject Vrij subscription to your NS-Business Card. With the Keuzehulp you can determine whether a subscription is a good choice for you and if so, which subscription it is.
Am I tied to a subscription or can I switch subscriptions during my contract?
No, you are not tied to anything! If you have an NS-Business Card with a subscription, you can cancel it every day after the first month. You can also easily switch between the different subscriptions. You can always change to a more extensive subscription. You can terminate or adjust to a cheaper subscription after the first month. If you have a Traject Vrij subscription, you can change your fixed route at any time. Also within the first month. Everything is easy to arrange via your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.
Do I have to activate my NS-Business Card before using it?
Whether you have ordered an NS-Business Card with or without a subscription; you do not need to activate this before use. Easy!
How many NS-Business Cards can I apply for online?
You can order a maximum of 5 NS-Business Cards online at the same time. After your first order, you can add/order unlimited cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Do you want to order more than 5 NS-Business Cards immediately? Then use the application form.
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