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Business travel subscriptions
If you regularly travel by public transport for work, you could save money by adding a season ticket to your NS-Business Card. Discover which season ticket is best for you - we’ll help you choose!
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You can easily switch between the different subscriptions. You can always change to a more extensive subscription. You can terminate or adjust to a cheaper subscription after the first month.
  • The advantages of the NS-Business Card without a monthly subscription fee
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Dal Voordeel
  • 40% discount on off-peak NS travel
  • 40% discount on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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Traject Vrij
  • Unlimited travel on a fixed route
  • 40% discount on other routes during off-peak hours
  • 40% discount on other routes on weekends + holidays
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
Rate depends on route
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Trein Vrij
  • Unlimited train travel
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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OV Vrij
  • Unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro
  • Group travel discount for up to 3 fellow travellers during off-peak hours
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NS-Business Collective
  • Employees travel by train or public transport for free all year long
  • Rates change automatically in line with recent travel behaviour
  • Available for companies with 30 employees and more
Rate on request
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Traject op Maat
  • For employees who travel a fixed route 2-3 times a week on average.
  • Flexible: price is determined monthly in arrears
  • For organisations with 30+ NS Business Cards
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Always included in an NS-Business Card
  • Access to all door-to-door services; from OV-fiets to international trains
  • Travel without loading balance
  • 1 card for all means of travel
Discover the NS-Business Card
Frequently asked questions
Do I have to activate my NS-Business Card before using it?
Whether you have ordered an NS-Business Card with or without a subscription; you do not need to activate this before use. Easy!
How can I request one or more NS-Business Cards online? And what do I need?
You can order a maximum of 5 NS-Business Cards online at the same time. After your first order, you can add/order unlimited cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Important to know: to order online, you must be able to make an IDEAL payment of € 0.01 for verification.
Do you want to order more than 5 NS-Business Cards immediately? Then use the application form.
Deducting VAT on business, commuting or private travel expenses
Business travel expenses
You can always deduct VAT on business expenses such as business transportation and business travel.
Commuting expenses
You cannot always reclaim VAT on your commuting expenses, as transportation plans and subscriptions are considered benefits in kind. You can reclaim VAT on subscriptions with a maximum price of € 227 per year. This is lower than the average price of a subscription. This is all governed by the Input Tax Deduction (Exclusion) Decree. It always pays to discuss your situation with your tax advisor.
Private travel expenses
This includes public transport tickets and employees using their private vehicles. Employees using company vehicles for private purposes are subject to VAT rules. For more information, visit the website of the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration or consult your tax advisor.
Where can I find manuals and instructions for using Mijn NS Zakelijk?
We have instructions for the most common operations in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
For contact persons
  • Instructions Mijn NS Zakelijk for contact persons (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to approve orders (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to link department cards (3 MB)
  • Instructions on how to order one or more NS-Business Cards (3 MB)
  • Instructions on how to terminate multiple cards simultaneously (2 MB)
  • Instructions on how to upload and modify multiple cardholders (4 MB)
For cardholders
  • General instructions Mijn NS Zakelijk (1 MB)
  • Instructions on how to modify your Traject Vrij with split-billing subscription (5 MB)
  • Instructions on how to order a new Traject Vrij with split-billing subscription (2 MB)
Income tax and the Work-related Expenses Scheme (WKR)
What is the Work-Related Expenses Scheme (WKR)?
All employers have to deal with the so-called Work-related Expenses Scheme (WKR), which determines how to levy payroll tax on allowances and benefits in kind offered to employees. In principle, all allowances and benefits in kind that you give your employees are considered wages. However, you can choose to whether to designate individual allowances or benefits in kind as either a wage component or a work expense. For this purpose, there is a flat-rate exemption of 1.2% of the total taxable wage bill, also known as the work-related expenses budget. Anything paid in addition to this 1.2% of the total taxable wage bill is subject to an 80% final tax, known as the employer’s levy.
What are targeted exemptions?
Targeted exemptions are a number of specific allowances and benefits in kind. Wages in kind are valued based on market value, which amounts to the invoice amount including VAT. Several types of wages in kind, however, are zeroed out (a so-called ‘nil valuation’), specifically those benefits that are used in whole or in part in the workplace. As a result, these benefits do not count towards the work-related expenses budget. If an allowance or benefit is treated as part of an employee’s wages, the employee must pay tax, which is to be levied by the employer and remitted to the Tax Authorities.
The NS-Business Card of one of our employees is stolen, lost or damaged. What should I do?
In Mijn NS Zakelijk you, as contact person, can request a replacement card ('duplicate') for your colleague.
  1. Log into Mijn NS Zakelijk with your business e-mail address as contact person.
  2. Go to 'Manage cards and cardholders' and search for the cardholder in question.
  3. Click on the card number of the card that the contact person wants to block and replace.
  4. Under 'Arrange directly' you will see a button 'NS-Business Card stolen, lost or damaged? Request a duplicate'. Click here to block the card.
  5. Follow the steps until you see the confirmation with the reference number of the order.
  6. You will receive the replacement card within 10 working days at the address indicated.
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