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OV-fiets for businesses
You can rent an OV-fiets from almost 300 locations throughout the Netherlands. OV-ebikes are also available at the Driebergen-Zeist, Arnhem, Groningen and Maastricht stations.
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OV-fiets: our shared bicycle concept
  • You don’t need to buy a season ticket to use the OV-fiets. 
  • Travelling together? Rent two bicycles using your NS-Business Card. 
  • Easily rent the OV-fiets by scanning your NS-Business Card.
  • You can view all your bicycle rentals on your NS-Business Card invoice. 
  • You can also rent an OV-fiets from the bicycle locker. 
OV-fiets rates
You can rent an OV-fiets for 24 hours for only € 4.55.
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How does it work?
First, check Mijn NS Zakelijk to see if you can use the OV-fiets via the NS-Business Card you received from your employer.
Rent an OV-fiets at the storage facility
  • Show your NS-Business Card to the bicycle storage facility attendant. The attendant will release the bicycle after scanning your NS-Business Card and the key barcode. 
  • When you return, the attendant will scan the key again.
OV-fiets from a bike locker
  • Insert your NS-Business Card into the card reader.
  • The bicycle locker will open after you enter the card.
  • When you return the OV-fiets, you hold the NS-Business Card against the card reader again. Select the option to return the bicycle and put the bike in the locker.