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NS-Business Collectief

With the NS-Business Collectief, your employees travel free of charge by train or public transport for a fixed amount. Will you also be an employer 3.0? Discover the advantages and request a consultation.
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Ontdek het NS-Business Collectief
What is the NS-Business Collectief?
The NS-Business Collectief is a form of cooperation between your organisation and NS Zakelijk. Your employees can travel freely by train or public transport for a fixed amount throughout the year. They do this with the NS-Business Card, the most widely used mobility card in the Netherlands. Our Collectief is already possible from 30 employees!
What are the advantages for your organisation?
Minimal administration.
An excellent basis for a sustainable mobility policy.
You offer a very attractive employment condition. Your employees can travel freely between home and work, for business and private purposes.
100% grip on your mobility budget: your costs are based on the actual travel behaviour of your employees. The rate is recalculated every quarter.
What are the experiences of other organisations?
93% consider free travel to be good employment.
88% consider free private travel a valuable employment condition.
66% take the train more often.
65% feel more appreciated by their employer.
Discuss possibilities?
The account managers of NS Zakelijk are happy to tell you about the possibilities of the NS-Business Collectief. Please contact us directly to schedule a (call) appointment.
Customised advice