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Travel from door-to-door
No matter your destination: NS can bring you and/or your employees from door to door. Flexibility in choosing means of transportation is important here. Because not every working day is the same, so neither is the way they travel.
With the NS Business Card in your pocket, you have access to all forms of transport throughout the Netherlands. You only pay for use, which is very convenient.
Vrouw ingecheckt-op-station
Business door-to-door services
Sometimes the train, other times the OV bike or a shared car. With the NS Business Card, you only pay for what you use and all costs are shown on the NS-Business Card invoice. Very convenient and no hassle with loading the balance and declaring expenses.
You have access to all NS trains, as well as those of other carriers.
Every trip begins in the NS app
Choose which mode of transportation you travel with. And plan your entire journey from door to door in the NS app. 
  • Find an OV-fiets, shared scooter or P+R nearby.
  • Always up-to-date travel information at hand.
  • Save your favourite journeys.
Download NS app for iOS
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Reasons for choosing the NS-Business Card
Ready for flexible travel with the right means of transport at the right time? Order your free NS-Business Card with or without a subscription. The benefits:
  • Just one invoice. All trips are billed in arrears on one monthly invoice, which you can easily view in your Mijn NS Zakelijk-account. How’s that for clarity.
  • One card for all your travel needs. Check in and out with different carriers without the hassle of topping up. All trips are billed monthly in arrears.
  • No fixed costs. The NS-Business Card is free. If you don't travel, you don't pay. You can always upgrade to one of our subscriptions.
  • Expansion is possible. Add a suitable subscription to an NS Business Card. Or, as an organization, choose the NS Business Card in combination with NS Go: the total solution for your business mobility.
Order your NS-Business Card
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