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Ready to go, with NS Go

Our NS Go mobility platform makes hybrid work and flexible travel a whole lot easier. Allow us to help you cut carbon emissions, improve employee vitality and lower expenses step by step.
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Hybrid work is the new reality
Hybrid working is here to stay. Because even without lockdowns and urgent homeworking advice, your employees will still want to work from home every now and then. And to travel to their workplace using different means of transport. With NS Go, you can make hybrid working a reality. And you stimulate sustainable mobility as well.
Easy travel with any carrier
All your employees will receive their own, free NS-Business Card, which they can use to travel by train, bus, tram and metro throughout the Netherlands. They can even use the card to book a Greenwheels shared car, an OV-fiets, a parking spot at a P&R or a taxi. If you want to give your employees even more travel options, you can even manage your own contracts with (local) providers of, for example, shared scooters, leased bicycles and fuel cards in NS Go.
Save time on admin work
You can easily manage all travel expense claims and mobility costs on the platform, and we’ll even automate as many actions and approvals as possible - in close consultation. In the end, it’ll save your employees and your HR department tonnes of time.
Cut costs and emissions
NS Go provides insight at every level: from the entire organisation to granular individuals. In their personal dashboard, employees can track the costs and emissions of their own trips, as well as comparing them with other alternatives. Ultimately, those insights will encourage greener, more cost-effective travel.
Offer your employees flexibility
Today by OV-fiets, tomorrow by shared car and privately at the weekend by train? You can offer exactly the kind of flexibility that suits your organisation.
Do not worry about laws and regulations
With NS, you always comply with the latest (tax) rules regarding, for example, CO2 reporting and home-working allowance.
NS Go: het mobiliteitsplatform van NS
How does it work?
Our NS Go mobility platform makes hybrid work and flexible travel a whole lot easier. Allow us to help you cut carbon emissions, improve employee vitality and lower expenses step by step.
Bespoke advice
Want to start using NS Go? First of all, we’ll get to the bottom of your organisation and your mobility needs & wishes to help you come up with sound objectives and translate them into a mobility policy. You’ll have your own mobility consultant for advice on flexible travel & Working-from-home options, managing expenses and sustainability.
Building your mobility platform
The NS G0 platform can be fully integrated with your HR and IT systems, guaranteeing substantial savings on admin time and expenses. We’ll work with your IT department to get all the right links in place and assign the right permissions and roles to all users.
Data insights and advice from experts
Once NS Go has been implemented, you’ll have an online environment in which you can track, analyse and take care of all mobility matters. What’s more, the data produced by your employees’ travel behaviour will give you access to new insights. We use that data to identify new opportunities for improvement, which we will present to you every quarter.
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Why NS Go?
You are ready for a hybrid policy
With NS Go, your employees are flexible in their choice of mobility every day. The home-work and office registration make hybrid working very easy.
You save administration time and money
We take the burden off your administration. We do this thanks to links with your existing systems. And with automation of registrations and declarations.
Stimulating sustainability and vitality
NS Go shows how much CO2 you consume and how you can reduce your emissions. With incentives and targeted campaigns, we give your employees a push towards more sustainable and more vital mobility!
You work with a reliable partner
NS Go is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. We also fully comply with the AVG requirements.
Inspiration for your mobility policy
Whitepaper 'Hybrid working and flexible travel'
Hybrid work is the new norm. But how do you adapt your mobility policy to this?
Request the whitepaper (in Dutch)
Whitepaper 'Stimulate cycling among your employees'
How do you build an attractive cycling policy that fits perfectly into your overall mobility policy? You can read it in our latest whitepaper!
Request the whitepaper (in Dutch)
Webinar 'Mobility & Fiscal changes per 2022'
On 1 January 2022, a lot has changed with regard to travel allowances and taxes. In our Webinar you'll discover what this means for your organisation.
Watch the webinar (in Dutch)
Frequently asked questions NS Go
Which app do I use?
NS Go is linked to the NS-app, which millions of Dutch people already use daily.
Do all NS products fall within NS Go?
Yes, all business NS products are also offered within NS Go. 
You can choose for travel-on-account or for a subscription. Since 1 September 2021, NS also offers Traject op Maat.
If you work with NS Zakelijk, you will always receive advice about the travel products that best suit your employees.
Is NS Go a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) application?  
NS Go is indeed a MaaS-application tailored to your organisation. With NS Go, you give your employees the daily flexibility to choose from the best mobility options for both home-work and business trips.
You decide which mobility options you make available to your employees.
What about privacy & security?
We take the processing of personal data of our millions of travellers extremely seriously. The security of all our systems is therefore regulated at the highest level.
NS Go has been developed in accordance with both 'privacy by design and by default' and 'security by design and by default'.  The security baseline for all our information systems is based on the controls in ISO 27001 Annex A.
All processing agreements with our suppliers are updated and formalised under the AVG. Moreover, both the NS Go platform and the underlying services are hosted in Western European countries. 
Does NS Go also take into account the current (tax) regulations?  
Yes, during the implementation of NS Go we observe the legal and fiscal obligations. The NS Go platform is designed to facilitate this as much as possible.
We also have in-house specialists who will be happy to advise you on tax issues.
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