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NS Go: your complete mobility platform
If you’re looking to implement a flexible and sustainable mobility policy while reducing administrative workload and costs, then NS Go is the solution. NS Go is the only platform you’ll need for all your business mobility requirements.
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The right choice for your organisation
What can NS Go do for you? The benefits include less administration, a range of flexible travel options for your employees, and insight and advice available 24/7.
Less administration
  • No more expense claims, no need to top up your balance on an OV card.
  • Automatic trip registration for public transport and shared transport, for both private and business purposes.
  • Car and bicycle trip registration, for both private and business purposes.
  • Automatic billing via payroll for home office compensation and other allowances .
  • Satisfies CO2 reporting requirement and tax rules.
Flexible travel
  • NS-Business Card for commuting and business travel.
  • Access to all public transport: train, bus, tram, metro, nationally and regionally.
  • Freedom to choose from all types of shared transport.
  • A selection of suitable subscription options.
  • All trips billed in arrears via a single monthly invoice.
Insight & advice
  • All your administration in one place.
  • 24/7 insight into travel behaviour, costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Reports on costs, CO2 emissions and vitality, and the management of these.
  • Personal advice from a mobility expert.
  • Advice on establishing a mobility budget.
  • Assistance with starting up and using NS Go.
NS Go: het mobiliteitsplatform van NS
Everything you need in a single mobility solution
NS Go combines a mobility platform with a mobility card. Instead of trying to manage with multiple systems, you’ll be able to view and arrange all of your mobility on a single platform.
NS-Business Card
Our mobility card gives your employees access to the train, bus, tram, metro and all types of shared transport, such as shared bikes, shared cars, shared scooters, P+R parking, and Hely Hub. The trips will be billed in arrears by means of a monthly VAT invoice.
NS Go platform
All trips that employees make using their NS-Business Card are recorded directly in NS Go. They can also add bicycle and car trips. The link with your HR, payroll and finance systems means that you can automatically bill these trips, as well as home office compensation, via the payroll.
Advice from a mobility expert
We establish your mobility goals, advise you on how to achieve them, and write policy rules, either for all of your employees or individually. The dashboards in NS Go give you continual insight into your progress with respect to achieving your goals. We help you to convert these insights into actions.
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That’s one of the reasons we chose NS Go: the ease of adding new suppliers to the platform, if the situation changes.
Senior Office Manager Monique from uniQure
Monique van Kampen, Sr. Office ManageruniQure
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CO2 reporting requirement
The CO2 reporting requirement will enter into effect on 1 July 2024. From that date on, organisations with more than 100 employees must record their commuting and business mileage and report these each year. Would you like to know more about this scheme?
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Whitepaper -Normerende regeling werkgebonden personenmobiliteit-
Inspiration and customer experiences
Shared mobility: what benefits does it bring?
What are the different forms of shared mobility and what can it do for you as an organization?
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Normerende regeling werkgebonden personenmobiliteit
What does this mean for your organization and what obligations and activities does this entail?
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Save CO2 on your mobility
How do you build a more flexible mobility policy, that leads to a significant CO2 reduction?
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Boost biking among your employees
How do you build an attractive cycling policy that fits perfectly into your overall mobility policy? You can read it in our latest whitepaper!
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Customer experience uniQure
Monique, Senior Office Manager and Katerina, Corporate Communications Specialist from uniQure, share their story on their cooperation with NS.
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Customer experience Santander
HR Business Partner Yvette van Veldhuizen van Santander vertelt over de implementatie en ervaringen met NS Go.
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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
The quality management (9001) and information security (27001) of our services comply with internationally recognised standards.
wij-zijn-ISO9001-en-ISO IEC27001-gecertificeerd
Frequently asked questions NS Go
Which app do I use?
NS Go is linked to the NS-app, which millions of Dutch people already use daily.
Do all NS products fall within NS Go?
Yes, all business NS products are also offered within NS Go. 
You can choose for travel-on-account or for a subscription. Since 1 September 2021, NS also offers Traject op Maat.
If you work with NS Zakelijk, you will always receive advice about the travel products that best suit your employees.
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Is NS Go a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) application?  
NS Go is indeed a MaaS-application tailored to your organisation. With NS Go, you give your employees the daily flexibility to choose from the best mobility options for both home-work and business trips.
You decide which mobility options you make available to your employees.
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What about privacy & security of NS Go?
We take the processing of personal data of our millions of travellers extremely seriously. The security of all our systems is therefore regulated at the highest level.
NS Go has been developed in accordance with both 'privacy by design and by default' and 'security by design and by default'.  The security baseline for all our information systems is based on the controls in ISO 27001 Annex A.
All processing agreements with our suppliers are updated and formalised under the GDPR. Moreover, both the NS Go platform and the underlying services are hosted in Western European countries. 
Want to know exactly how we handle your data? You can read all about it in our privacy statement. You can download the entire privacy statement here.
Does NS Go also take into account the current (tax) regulations?  
Yes, during the implementation of NS Go we observe the legal and fiscal obligations. The NS Go platform is designed to facilitate this as much as possible.
We also have in-house specialists who will be happy to advise you on tax issues.
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