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Large numbers of train tickets

Do you need train tickets for your event or conference that you can distribute to customers or visitors? Are you going on a journey with a large group? Via the NS Reseller Desk, you can place a single order to purchase multiple tickets, paid for by invoice.

Correcting a forgotten check-out

Did you forget to check in or -out? You can easily correct forgotten check-ins and -outs in Mijn NS Zakelijk. The Forgotten Check-Out Service is a standard feature of your NS-Business Card. With this handy service, we will correct up to a maximum of five forgotten check-ins and -outs per calendar year.

Requesting refunds for delays

Was your train delayed? Then you can request a refund via Mijn NS Zakelijk. The amount refunded depends on the duration of the delay. Watch the video below to learn how to request a refund online in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Changing travel class with your NS-Business Card

Sometimes it is useful to be able to change class for a day, or for a longer period of time. You can arrange this using Mijn NS Zakelijk or an NS ticket machine. You can only change from 2nd to 1st class if you have a 2nd class NS-Business Card. If you wish to change a 1st class NS-Business Card to 2nd class, you will have to change your subscription.

Renewing your NS-Business Card

Will your NS-Business Card expire soon? Find out what we can do for you.