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Co-travel discount renewed
One of the advantages of a business subscription is that you can have up to 3 fellow travelers traveling with you with Co-travel discount during off-peak hours and weekends. Nothing will change in this respect. What does change as of 19 February is the way in which you arrange your Co-travel discount.
New: a co-travel code is required. You link this code to your fellow traveler, which is also visible at checks in the train. This will prevent abuse of Co-travel discount, which ensures less discussion on the train and thus a pleasant journey for our passengers and staff.
Co-travel discount renewed
Co-travel code
A co-travel code links you as a traveler with a subscription on your NS-Business Card to your fellow traveler who wants to travel with a discount. You share the code via Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS app, your fellow traveler uses it to arrange Co-travel discount.
About Co-travel discount
You can give Co-travel discount if you have one of these subscriptions on your NS-Business Card: Dal Voordeel, Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij, OV Vrij, Traject op Maat. Or if your organization uses the NS-Business Collectief.
This you need to know about Co-travel discount:
  • Give up to 3 co-travelers per trip 40% discount in off-peak hours + weekend.
  • Discount for fellow travelers with a NS Flex subscription or train ticket.
  • Only valid when traveling together in the same train compartment.
  • To be used until 04:00 the next day.
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