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Keuzevrijheid voor lease-rijders
Also, lease drivers sometimes need more productivity during their trip.
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Regardless of whether your employees travel little or are constantly on the move, we’ll make sure that everyone always travels on the most affordable travel product.
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What are you looking for?
Flexible business travel
With the NS-Business Card and NS app, you can easily get from door to door. With zero hassle and the modes of transport that suit you best.
Discover NS-Business Card
Subscription for extra benefits
If your employees regularly travel by public transportation for business, it is advantageous to add a subscription to the NS-Business Card(s).
See all subscriptions
Manage all mobility on one platform
NS Go is the platform on which you arrange your hybrid mobility policy, while steering for sustainable travel and reducing administrative work and costs.
Discover NS Go
Get from door to door
NS Zakelijk takes your employees from door to door. This can be by train alone, but also, for example, by metro in combination with an OV-fiets (bike).
Relaxed travel to the business destination.
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View all trips made and manage NS-Business Cards
All of your employees' trips can be viewed in Mijn NS Zakelijk, your organization's personal account. Here you can also:
  • View and download invoices.
  • Add, change and end subscriptions per employee.
  • Switch door-to-door services on or off per employee.
  • Apply for and end NS-Business Cards.
Reasons for choosing NS Zakelijk
Your employees get access to all their preferred modes of transport without any of the hassle, and you get to arrange their mobility online quickly and easily.
NS is a frontrunner in sustainable transportation. All our trains run entirely on green energy, and as many of our shared cars and other transport solutions as possible are electrical. 
NS has 180 years of experience in mobility and is the largest mobility provider in the Netherlands.
All trips are billed in arrears on one monthly invoice, so you won’t be inundated with separate travel expense claims any longer.
Research shows that employees who travel by train and bicycle are more vital, and our OV-fietsen (bikes) and guarded parking facilities throughout the country make a healthy contribution.
Regardless of whether your employees travel little or are constantly on the move, we’ll make sure that everyone always travels on the most affordable travel product.
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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
The quality management (9001) and information security (27001) of our services comply with internationally recognised standards.
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