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Testimonial Crossphase
Crossphase is a digital content agency with over 90 employees based in Leiden. They help customers tell their online story, from premium brands to government agencies. We asked HR Officer Laurie van Dalen about her experiences with the NS-Business Card and Mijn NS Zakelijk.
The NS-Business Card a great tool that saves employers as well as employees a lot of time - and therefore money.
Laurie van Dalen, HR officer at Crossphase
Laurie van Dalen, HR Officer & Coordinator AcademyCrossphase
Digital content agency Crossphase
Why did you choose the NS-Business Card as a company?
"Being a good employer is important to us. The NS-Business Card makes it a lot easier for colleagues to travel. Especially because they no longer have to declare their trips to the office or the customer. Since our colleagues don't always work for the same client, we really want to give them the freedom to travel the distance they need to. We've opted for an NS-Business Card without subscription. This allows colleagues to arrange their work flexibly. One day they can make the trip from home to the Crossphase office; the next day to a client and maybe the next day to yet another client."
What is the main advantage of the NS-Business Card, according to you?
"I think the main advantage is the flexibility it gives colleagues - and, as a result, us. We simply get an invoice every month. This gives us a clear oversight of the costs, which we can break down per individual. This makes it very clear what the travel history of each employee is."
Crossphase team
How do you experience working with Mijn NS Zakelijk?
"Fine! To be honest, I must say that I don't use it very often. I look at the reports once a year. This is mostly to get an insight into how many trees we've saved and how many kilometres we've travelled as a company. In addition, I use Mijn NS Zakelijk to check monthly invoices. And to request Business Cards for new colleagues and cancel them for departing colleagues. Which is very easy to do."
Would you recommend the NS-Business Card to other companies, and why?
"Definitely! It's a great tool that saves employers as well as employees a lot of time - and therefore money. Employees no longer need to declare anything, and it also saves the employer a lot of work. Applying for an NS-Business Card is free. It arrives fairly quickly. If someone loses a card, it takes virtually no time to request a new card and block the old one. It's very convenient. So I would definitely recommend it."
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