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Testimonial Incentro
Incentro is a fast-growing digital services provider with over 450 employees, based in the Netherlands, Spain and Africa. Office manager Nikki Rietveld talks about their experiences with the NS-Business Card and Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Our Incentronauts enjoy visiting our customers. We prefer to do this in a sustainable way. The NS-Business Card is ideal for this: easy and better for the environment.
Nikki Rietveld, Office manager of Incentro
Nikki Rietveld, Office managerIncentro
Nikki Rietveld, Office manager of Incentro
Why does the NS-Business Card fit well with Incentro?
"From our sustainability goals, we encourage sustainable travel options. That is why all colleagues receive an NS-Business Card, which allows them to use the OV-fiets in addition to public transport. For the really hard-to-reach places, they can even rent a Greenwheels shared car. This is because our consultants work for various clients at locations throughout the Netherlands. So it is a must that they can get everywhere in a pleasant way. Even if they don't have a driving licence.
What do you use Mijn NS Zakelijk mainly for?
"Incentro is growing fast, so we regularly apply for new NS-Business Cards. Fortunately, we can easily arrange this in the portal. In addition, we always check the invoices for discrepancies. For example, we charge private trips to the employee. Do we see a forgotten check-out? Then we immediately pass this on to our colleague."
What do you think of Mijn NS Zakelijk?
"In general, we find Mijn NS Zakelijk a user-friendly and clear system. Although we think the number of clicks for some operations could be even less. After all, we remain an IT specialist!"
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