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Shared scooter
With the NS-Business Card you can travel from door to door using various means of transport. The electric shared scooters from Check are one example. Locate and book them super fast via the NS-app and pay for your rides afterwards.
Download the NS-app
Check scooter telephone
Maybe you have seen them before: Check's white and purple shared scooters. Easy for that appointment on the other side of town, or when the weather is too nice for the bus. Even better: you can rent the e-scooter using the NS Business Card. You can pay afterwards via the NS Business Card invoice, without having to take out a subscription first. Handy!
How it works
1. Register at Check
First check in Mijn NS Zakelijk whether, if you have an NS-Business Card through your employer, you can use the shared scooter (for entrepreneurs this is already the case). Download the Check app and register with Check.
2. Booking, driving and parking the shared scooter
Book your shared scooter via the NS-app (which will forward you to the Checkaapp), make your ride and then park the shared scooter within the service area.
3. Ending the shared scooter ride
Finally, don't forget to end your ride so you don't pay too much. You can do this easily in the Check-app after parking.
How to rent a shared scooter?
  1. Open the NS-app and go to 'In de buurt' (in the neighbourhood) at the bottom of the menu.
  2. This map will show you at a glance whether there is a shared scooter in your neighbourhood. You can also click 'deelscooter' at the top of your screen to see only e-scooters on the map.
  3. Have you found one? Click on the scooter. From here you can make your reservation by clicking on 'Huur in Check-app' and registering once (if you have not already registered with Check). Please have your driving licence ready.
  4. When registering with Check, choose the payment method 'NS-Business Card'. Or, if you already have an account with Check: change the payment method to 'NS-Business Card' in your account.
NOTE: Do you not see the 'NS-Business Card' payment method in your Check-app? Then it is necessary to update the app, so you will see this new payment method in the options. If that does not work either: after reinstalling the app, it should definitely work!
The advantages
Subscription not necessary
You do not need to take out a subscription to use the shared scooter.  So you don't pay any fixed costs either.
Only pay when using the shared scooter
You use the shared scooter when you need it and also only pay for its use.  
Pay afterwards via your NS-Business Card invoice
All journeys made are shown on your NS-Business Card invoice afterwards.  Drive first, pay later!
Check shared scooter - NS Zakelijk
Cost Check shared scooter
If you are going to travel with a Check shared scooter, you will pay a starting rate of € 0.75 cents (by January 1, 2024: € 1). Then you pay € 0.33 cents per minute. The parking rate is € 0.10 cents per minute (by January 1, 2024: € 0.15 cents).
All trips made appear afterwards on the monthly NS-Business Card invoice.
Frequently asked questions
How can I make the shared scooter available to my employees?
As the contact person for the NS-Business Cards within your organisation, you can see in Mijn NS Zakelijk (log in as contact person, i.e. with your user name) whether "Check e-scooter" is available for your organisation:
  • Look in the menu under 'Company details'
  • Click on 'Details' behind the agreement number of your organisation
  • You will now see which door-to-door services are available for your organisation. Is Check e-scooter not available? Please mail to to make sure your employees can also use the e-scooter.
  • Is the e-scooter available for your organisation? Then you can arrange that all employees with an NS-Business Card or part of your employees can rent the e-scooter, whereby rides will be charged afterwards via the NS-Business Card invoice. To do this, go to 'Manage cards and cardholders' in the menu on the left. Find all cardholders and change the door-to-door services (in this case: the e-scooter) for all cardholders at once. Or manually select only certain employees for whom you will make the e-scooter available.
More on our shared scooter
As an entrepreneur, can I use the shared scooter immediately?
Yes, for entrepreneurs, the door-to-door service 'shared scooter' is already 'on' on the NS-Business Card*. You do not have to take any action yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk. All you have to do is register with Check by downloading the Check app and filling in/supplying the requested details. You can then easily search for and reserve shared scooters via the NS app (under 'In de buurt' in the menu).
*You can check this by looking up your NS-Business Card in Mijn NS Zakelijk (log in as contact person). Here you can also see which other door-to-door services are 'on'. You can also turn services 'on' or 'off' here.
How do I know which door-to-door services I can use?
If you have an NS-Business Card and want to know if you can also rent the e-scooter with your NS-Business Card (with invoicing through your employer): check Mijn NS Zakelijk. Log in as cardholder (with your e-mail address) and look at 'My NS-Business Card'. Here you can see which door-to-door services are 'on' or 'off' on your card. Can you not change anything yourself? Please contact the contact person for the NS-Business Cards within your organisation.
In which cities can I find the shared scooter?
You can find the shared scooters from Check in:
  • Amersfoort
  • Amstelveen
  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Den Haag
  • Diemen
  • Enschede
  • Groningen
  • Hilversum
  • Leeuwarden
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Zwolle
For the current service area, look in 'Near me' tab in the NS-app, at the bottom of the menu.
How much does renting a shared scooter cost?
Renting a shared scooter costs € 0.33 cents per minute, with a starting rate of € 0.75 cents (as of Jan. 1, 2024: € 1). The parking rate is € 0.10 cents per minute (as of Jan. 1, 2024: € 0.15 cents).
What do I need to rent/drive a shared scooter?
  • To drive an e-scooter, you need a motorcycle (type A) and/or car (type B) license or moped certificate.
  • Park your e-scooter within the service area and in the place where regular scooters are also parked.
  • If wearing a helmet is mandatory, there are two helmets in a case on the scooter. On a scooter with blue license plate (max speed 25 km/h) a helmet is not mandatory, on a scooter with yellow license plate (max speed 45 km/h) it is.
Why don't I see the 'NS-Business Card' payment method in the Check-app?
This could be because you have registered with Check before and therefore need to update the app. If an update does not work, you can remove and reinstall the app. If this also does not work, please contact NS Customer Service.
How are shared scooter trips displayed on the invoice?
In the transaction overview of the NS-Business Card invoice (to be found in Mijn NS Zakelijk, when logged in as contact person), you will see the following when an shared scooter ride is charged:
  • Category: 'Deur-tot-deurdiensten'
  • Product code: '5021'
  • Product name: 'Deelscooter'
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