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International travel on account
Traveling to Brussels, London, Paris or Berlin? The international train is the most sustainable, most comfortable and often the fastest means of transport. It is one of the services of the NS-Business Card that you can turn 'on' and 'off' in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
Book your international train journey in Mijn NS Zakelijk
International travel
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Your benefits
  • You book quickly and easily via Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • You don't pay any purchase or subscription costs.
  • You pay after you travel via your NS-Business Card invoice.
Login Mijn NS Zakelijk
How does it work?
  • Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • Click on 'My NS-Business Card' and make sure that the service 'International travel' is switched 'on'.
  • Ask the NS contact person in your organization to switch it on if you are not authorized to do so yourself.
  • Click on ‘Book an international journey’.
  • You will be forwarded to the NS International website.
  • Find and book your entire train journey here. From your departure station in the Netherlands to your destination abroad.
  • You’ll immediately receive your train ticket via e-mail to print or import to the
    NS International app.
Travelling with an international ticket
If you book your entire journey via Mijn NS Zakelijk, you don’t need to use your NS-Business Card to check in and out on the domestic leg of the journey.
Have you booked an international journey that includes a domestic leg from your departure station? Check in and out for the domestic leg of the journey using the NS-Business Card. You can then continue with the international train ticket (printed or imported in the NS International app) from the international train departure station.
We recommend that you book the entire journey via Mijn NS Zakelijk so you won’t have to check in and out along the way.
  • Travelling with ICE International
  • Travelling with Eurostar
  • Travelling with Intercity Brussels
  • Travelling with Intercity Berlin