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I want business mobility advice
Do you want advice on your business travel and mobility? For example about the CO2 reporting obligation that takes effect from July 1, 2024? NS Zakelijk is your partner for all your transportation needs, all travel costs for all colleagues, and in moving forward sustainably. Our mobility experts are happy to help.
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Do you have practical questions about traveling with the NS-Business Card or Mijn NS Zakelijk? On our customer service page you will find answers to questions such as:
  • How can I order one or more NS-Business Cards?
  • How do I add a subscription to an NS-Business Card?
  • How do I cancel a subscription to the NS-Business Card?
  • My NS-Business Card is expired, lost, stolen or broken
  • How do I request a class change?
  • How do I change my address or account number in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
  • How can I view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk?
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