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Thank you for your request
We have received your request. One of our advisors will call you as soon as possible.
What happens next?
1. Signing
After your details and the payment of €0.01 have been processed, you will receive an agreement and addendum to sign. Please return these documents to us.
2. Logging in
Have we received your signed agreement and addendum? Then you (the applicant) and your invoicing contact will receive the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk.
3. Ordering
After logging in, you can order NS-Business Cards. In Mijn NS Zakelijk you can also manage cards, apply for new cards and view and download monthly invoices.
Do you have any questions?
Do you have questions about the use of Mijn NS Zakelijk or the NS Business Card? Then look at our frequently asked questions.
Use our general contact form
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Department card
Do you need a mobility card that several employees can use? Then request a departmental card in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Available without a subscription or with a Dal subscription.
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NS-Business Collectief
The NS Business Collectief is a flexible collective contract. You receive a group discount if you allow 30 or more employees unlimited free travel with the train or public transport. The rate is adjusted every quarter on the basis of recent travel behaviour.
Discover NS-Business Collectief
Do you need over 200 train tickets for your event or fair? To give to your customers or visitors? Or are you travelling with a large group? Via the NS Ticket Desk, it is possible to purchase a large number of train tickets on invoice in one order.
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Free white paper 'Afbouwen wagenpark'
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Free white paper 'Shared mobility: what benefits does it bring to your business?'
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Free white paper 'CO2-rapportageplicht'
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Whitepaper 'Hybrid working and flexible travel' (in Dutch)
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Vrouw checkt in met NS-Business Card
Save operating costs with flexible travel
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