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Greenwheels car

Check out for your train journey and then check straight in to a Greenwheels car. With more than 1,700 locations, there is always a car in the area when you leave the train. Handy for when your destination is not accessible by public transport.

The benefits

  • The NS Business Card lets you use Greenwheels cars.
  • More than 1,800 locations throughout the country, including at 90 NS stations.
  • You can pay later based on a single, clear invoice, so you will not have to pay in advance.
  • No deductible and no subscription fee.
How does Greenwheels work?

How does it work?

Permission for door-to-door services

The first time you want to book a Greenwheels car, you will need permission from your organisation's NS contact person. To find out more, please click here.

If you are self-employed, you can log in as a contact person yourself and configure your preferences in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Registering with Greenwheels as a cardholder

  • Use your e-mail address to log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk (as a cardholder)
  • Go to 'Mijn NS-Business Card'.
  • Go to 'Greenwheels-auto boeken' (you will be redirected to a new page).
  • Complete the entire form.
  • After completing registration, you will receive an e-mail from Greenwheels with the subject 'Bevestiging gegevens'. In the attachment to this e-mail, you will find a confirmation of your PIN code.
  • You will then receive another e-mail from Greenwheels, this time with the subject 'Inschrijving voltooid'.In the two attachments, you will find a welcome message and instructions for using your NS Business Card to rent a Greenwheels car.
  • New registrations are processed within 2 hours.
  • You are now registered with Greenwheels and can start booking and using Greenwheels cars!

Booking a Greenwheels car

After registration, you can go to 'Direct regelen' in Mijn NS Zakelijk to book a Greenwheels car. You can also use the NS app (Select 'Meer' in the bottom right-hand corner, then tap on 'Mijn NS' and select your NS Business Card). Select a time and location and enter the required information.

After completing your booking, you can open your Greenwheels car by scanning your NS Business Card with the card reader located near the windshield.

To start the car, you must first enter your Greenwheels PIN code in the on-board computer. You chose a PIN code when registering for Greenwheels. If you forget your PIN code, you can request a reminder by going to your personal details page in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Costs for a Greenwheels car

  • Hourly rate € 8.40, up to € 92  per day.
  • First 80 kilometres are free, including gas. For any excess kilometres, you will pay € 0.30 per kilometre (including gas).
  • No deductible and no subscription fees.

Company Cars

Want a Greenwheels car on your organisation's premises? Continue reading for more information about Greenwheels Company Cars.