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P+R Parking

Are you travelling to the station by car to continue your journey on the train? Then you can use your NS-Business Card to get an extra discount at a P+R car park.


  • Park your vehicle in a secure P+R facility close to an NS station.
  • Hold your NS-Business Card against the reader to enter and exit the facility.
  • There's no longer any need to use parking ticket machines.
  • You don't have to submit expenses claims either.
  • If you're travelling by train the same day, then you'll pay a special daily rate.

How does it work?

  • Hold your NS-Business Card against the P+R card reader.
  • The LED light will turn from blue to green when your card has been read.
  • If the light turns red, then the card was not read properly and you should hold your NS-Business Card against the reader again.

Special daily rate

If you park on the same day that you travel by train, you will pay a special daily rate. This daily rate depends on the location but will always be between € 0 and € 8 per day.

Please note: you will only receive the special daily rate if you have travelled by train on the same day and checked in and out with your NS-Business Card. This rate applies if you travel by train with any carrier, not just NS.

The rate will be charged automatically on your NS-Business Card invoice. What if your NS-Business Card has been arranged via your employer and you are permitted to use the P+R facility for business purposes? In that case, the charges will automatically be included on your employer's invoice. 

Private use

What if your employer has not given you permission to park in P+R facilities for business purposes using your NS-Business Card? In that case you can take advantage of the special daily rate for private use.

How does the private-use discount work?

  • When you drive into the P+R facility, simply insert your debit or credit card into the card reader. The payment methods accepted are displayed at each individual facility.
  • When exiting, first hold your NS-Business Card against the card reader on the exit terminal. The system will check whether you have travelled by train that day and, if so, it will automatically activate the special daily rate.
  • Next, insert the debit or credit card that you used to enter the facility into the card reader. Once you have paid, you can exit the facility.