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Have NS Zakelijk work for you
Business travel or mobility plays a big role in organizations. Whether this is because you want to save costs, have to deal with a lot of administrative work, want to reduce your footprint, or have to comply with laws and regulations. As the leading mobility provider in the Netherlands, NS Zakelijk has all the knowledge to think with you. Have NS Zakelijk work for you. Every day.
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We get all our travel costs on one invoice
Are you busy with declarations and separate receipts? With the NS-Business Card you can get rid of that. All travel expenses of all colleagues come afterwards on one invoice. Every month. Whether they travel by train, bus, streetcar, OV-fiets or shared car. NS Zakelijk is your partner for all travel costs for all colleagues.
Also discover the convenience of the NS-Business Card and travel on invoice.
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We use the NS-Business Card for all transportation
With the NS-Business Card, your colleagues travel to and from their destinations. And they do so using more than just the train. For example, they can travel by bus and streetcar, use the card to park and then continue on the OV-fiets. NS Zakelijk is your partner for all your transportation needs.
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We are well on track with our CO2 reporting
From 1 July 2024, organizations with 100 or more employees must travel as sustainably as possible and record and report all kilometers annually. NS Zakelijk is your partner in moving forward sustainably .
Do you also want to be on the right track with your CO2 reporting?
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Order NS-Business Card
The NS-Business Card is free and can be ordered in just a few steps. If you want advice on your business mobility, our mobility experts will be happy to help.
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